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Chaos Theory has a lot of background detail that would later get expanded on in MTME.

The Death of Optimus Prime, which is the first story in MTME volume 1 follows on from the Chaos storyline, but it’s not essential.


The 2-parter from Roberts is really smart. You’ll find yourself applying Megatron’s Rules of Politics far more often than you might expect.

Last Stand of the Wreckers is essential for reading MTMTE.


You’ve not heard Tony Benn’s speech until you’ve heard it in the original Cybertronian.


I took note of this book when mentioned here; it’s currently part of the Comixology sale - I just bought it.


Totally sold!


Batman: Noel - I’ve noticed this book for a while but never bit. Bermejo’s artwork on the more recent Batman: Damned finally encouraged me to give it a shot when it showed up on a ComiXology DC sale. The difference in this book is that Bermejo is not only handling art but writing duties as well and cements my suspicion that he is the draw for me on the aforementioned book. The story uses the familiar trappings of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol to narrate a Christmas story centered around Batman. I don’t want to give away too much except that it is quite clever and worked really well for me. To no ones surprise, I especially loved Superman as the Ghost of Christmas Present. The way he kind of glowed against the gloomy Gotham background was especially inspired. This book was definitely worth price of admission and comes with my highest recommendation.

Right now, it’s on sale on ComiXology for $4.99.


I can’t confirm this because I don’t use Comixology, but:

FYI… every Legion graphic novel that ComiXology has (all 23 of ‘em!) is on sale for $4.99 thru Jan 2!

Includes the Legion of Superheroes Silver Age Omnibus (vol 1) and Superboy and the LSH (vol 1 & 2)!

Many other DC compilations, too, but hey, FOCUS!!! Just right there, in three books, you’ve got over $85 and 1,100 pages of digital Legion goodness for under $15! Grife!!


You don’t have to, just click on the link and you can see the listings.


Oh, ok. I assumed you would need an account.


No, you can browse without one, it’s just like a normal shopfront.


Comixology Unlimited is still US-only, so not much good to me.


Just read that. I didn’t even realize that DC wasn’t part of ComiXology Unlimited.

They mention Amazon Prime in the article. Does that mean ComiXology Unlimited comes with Amazon Prime?


No, but I think you get a sampler of some of the stuff you can get on Unlimited.


I’m still holdng out for a Marvel Unlimited style subscription service from DC, I’d pay about £10 a month for that providing the back catalogue is fairly complete. At least from post crisis onwards.


Oh, thank god. I’ve been waiting for this since Unlimited started.


Don’t they have something similar with their new all-inclusive service? It just includes TV and films too.


The comics are quite limited to start with and due to TV rights only available in the US


So like Marvel or ComiXology Unlimited at their startup… :wink:


Comixology itself was international from day one. Marvel Unlimited too if I recall but I could be wrong. Agreed on the limited content though which always expands but so far they’ve only committed to certain highlight books and not everything like Marvel have done for a long time.


International doesn’t concern me. :wink:

I was mostly talking about the limited amount of content.