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Is it me or are books going to sales even quicker lately? The White Knight collection only came out in October and it’s already been slashed to £2.99 in this sale.

I’m sure they used to hold off a little longer, partly (it seemed) so as not to cannibalise sales of physical retailers.

Great deal though. Definitely recommended - maybe my favourite Batman book in recent years.


Kind of and kind of not. The sales since the start have included new material to the extent that on a couple of occasions I’ve actually bought that week’s issue at half price.

DC seemed to pull that back with Rebirth, they hold a longer gap and only really discount stuff from over 6 months ago. Maybe White Night being out of continuity and it’s own thing meant they missed doing that.


Yeah, who knows really.

I know the Image and Dark Horse sales often have a defined date cut-off that stops you from getting discounts on new material from the last month or two, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for DC. And obviously Marvel have had those crazy sales where the collections coming out that week were all 69p. It’s all quite inconsistent - presumably because the publishers can each set their own terms.


Yeah it’s pretty clear it’s publisher driven as they all run by their own rules which are only consistent to their books.

By the way that DC sale. It seems to be every trade they’ve ever made is for sale for 2.99. It’s got DC, Vertigo, Wildstorm, Bendis’ creator owned work. I can never verify it but it looks like absolutely everything. I’ve already picked up 3 trades and I’m only up to ‘F’ alphabetically.

Edit to add: Take your time with it, as they’ve discounted everything there are better editions to get of some things. Like you can by Vinarama by Grant Morrison or get Kill Your Boyfriend/Vinarama together for the same price. The Alan Moore DC Universe collection is the same price as his Superman collection despite the former having the same material and several more stories.


I’m probably going to stop buying monthly DC books entirely soon. These sales just come too quickly and they’re too enticing.

This morning I bought the newest issue of JLA Dark and it was $3.99. I also bought the just-released final Tynion Detective Comics trade and it was $4.99…for 7 issues. What the hell was I thinking buying the single issue for JLA Dark?


I suspect that Comixology isn’t seeing the growth in users or revenues like they want to (Amazon I imagine had some pretty high demands). It feels like digital has kind of peaked, like there’s not the same interest there was a couple of years ago. It’s settled down into a convenient alternative channel, bringing in nice commissions by removing the costs of printing, retail and distribution. Much like on demand has found it’s niche too. I don’t think it’s hurting the large properties, but I do think it’s hurting the mid range stuff.


I’ve noticed that Dark Horse also have basically everything in their catalogue older than a couple of months at half price.

As to the sales, remember that digital comics have a way higher margin on them than print. With no physical cost or distribution a half price comic will still make them more than a paper one. The creators probably get stiffed on royalties though.


I’ve considered that one but generally like the week in, week out single issues. I think the serialization is as important to the experience for me as reading the stories. It also gives me the chance to support the stuff I’m really interested in versus waiting on the stuff I am only kind of interested in.


It’s true and the books I read monthly tend to be robust reading experiences so I feel satisfied, but I think $4.00 an issue versus $0.70 an issue is too big a discrepancy to ignore.

And I read trades slowly so I get the serial experience from them.


To be fair it is difficult to justify, especially as many comics read better in the trade format anyway and in the most extreme case of someone like Warren Ellis he doesn’t seem to give a shit about writing for monthly comics, it’s a means to an end for his trade collection. On ‘Trees’ he ended issues mid conversation that pick up on the first page of the next issue.

I’d love to see the real numbers we are all denied on comics because our debates are all based on issue sales and yet nobody much here is buying them and those that do give ‘pull lists’ of 2 comics. I pick up about 3 DC comics a month but the rest I either buy in collections or when other publisher like Image sell them half price after one month, again making them more money than if I bought the floppy at full price in a comic shop.

It’s not really about being able to afford them, it’s just why pay so much more when there’s essentially no benefit other than being first and if anything major happens in a comic they tell the Hollywood Reporter on the Monday before it comes out anyway.


And “afford” is relative anyway. My monthly spending on comics remains generally stagnant, if there’s a sale then I’m simply spreading that money over more books for a lower per-unit cost.

DC is making the same amount of money if I’m putting my savings toward a book I wouldn’t have bought otherwise, although maybe Tynion is getting the short end of the stick. Then again, I now have purchased the full Detective Comics run and the full (to date) JL Dark run based on taking a flyer on him from a sale, so maybe not.


I bought a tpb on ComiXology today from the Marvel sale, containing 6 issues for the retail price of 1 single issue. It’s a crazy thing.


This is the other side of these sales. There are several books that I’ve taken a chance on in sales, and subsequently subscribed to monthly at full price.


I’ve been holding out for an Image sale this week as I have a few Image things in my Comixology wishlist that I don’t want to buy at full price. No sign yet though - maybe they’re holding off until next week so they don’t get lost in the Black Friday rush.


Image is running a line wide sale. Is it not showing up in the UK?


It wasn’t showing for me before, but it is now! Thanks Ronnie.




Comixology Unlimited just had a massive Marvel update. I never read World War Hulk so thought I’d give it a whirl.
Was JRJR phoning this whole arc in? I normally love the guy but this art seemed rushed at best.


How important are “Chaos Theory” and “Chaos” to James Roberts’ work on Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye? The digital issues are on sale right now so fancy picking them up if they are worth a read.

They also have the Wreckers Saga omnibus on sale for £3. Definitely picking that one up, based on its rep here.

Edit to add: there are lots of decent sales on ComiXology at the moment. Lots of DC and Marvel collections. Line wide Image and IDW sales too.


Personally I’d just get issues 22 and 23 (I think that’s Chaos Theory).

The first Wreckers story is excellent. The next two not so much but at £3 defo worth getting.