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Years back I lent a workmate some Criminal issues, she considered letting her nephew read them, as he liked crime stories then reconsidered after reading one of them!

That’s just a load of horsecock.

EDIT: One thing I like on Jodorowsky is the more graphic aspects don’t tend to feel thrown in for the hell of it, like the writer’s a sniggering teenager.


I finally finished Metal with the recent Comixology DC sale. It carried on in the same vein to be honest - quite a few crazy-cool moments, but what little story there was holding it all together felt very disjointed and incoherent.

I didn’t feel motivated to check out any of the tie-ins, but maybe they shed a bit more light on things.


Is the ComiXology site doing weird shit for anyone else today?


New Valiant Humble Bundle

Lots of stuff I haven’t read there, but it’d be worth it for the Quantum and Woody Deluxe edition alone


These were both ComiXology sale purchases and have been sitting in my virtual to-read pile for a little bit.

Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1 - This was an interesting take on DC’s resident space police. The book takes place at some unspecified time in the future. Hal Jordan is a space miner who stubbles upon a ship with a ring and power battery. The Green Lanterns of this universe are much different though. [spoilers]They’ve been defeated by the Manhunters and the ones who are left or who have inherited rings are in hiding. Hal feels much different here too. It was an enjoyable read but not something I am likely to continue with.

Eagles of Rome Vol. 1 - This story had some interesting elements and the art was great but ultimately not for me. The way these volumes are presented which I assume is in their original BD format always feel like they end in an odd spot and are therefore unfinished even for that volume.


The Mighty Thor #13-19 - I read The Mighty Thor in singles through issue #12. I ended up dropping the book because it seemed to be marking time with only a couple good issues per arc. This arc was no different. I’m a huge fan of the Shi’ar because of their inclusion in the very first issue of Uncanny X-Men that I ever picked up. So I thought this would be a fun read. Instead, most of the time is spent mostly with boorish Shi’ar deities instead of the Imperial Guard or other fun character of the Shi’ar people. The last two issues rectified this and were pretty good because of it. I just wish we could have gotten there sooner. Richard Dautermann’s are was also incredible as usual. I can’t say that I’m sad that I dropped this book. I have the next trade, The War Thor, in my Unread digital pile but it might take a while for me to get up the interest to finish it.