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They have Comixology Exclusives, that are only on the site, but they’re mostly created by other publishers, like Valiant High or Black Panther: Long Live the King. I think Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost is the only real original so far, and that’s mostly a collection of older work.


If they sign big names to this enterprise (most are locked in exclusive contracts that Marvel and DC pay for to stop creators from jumping in the middle of runs so they won’t have many at launch), and if it pays more than self publishing with Image then Image, Marvel and DC are suddenly screwed. I quizzed Mark about this today but he’s heard nothing, so it might be a launch with a bunch of new creators. I think it’s got to be a new line of books as nothing else could garner much of a fanfare.

Yeah, a monthly subscription is a great model. Set a low enough cost that you don’t think about it and you’ve got revenue for years. Marvel are crazy for making you renew your subscription every year - it should be like Netflix or a gym and just understood that you’ll pay until you do something. I suspect though that someone in Marvel have already done the math and figured that they’re still making too much with print comics to give that up. Digital only would probably contract the revenue like it’s doing with other print companies.


That stuff can change overnight though, I spent a while moaning that Netflix only really operated in 10 countries, then in one day they added another 180!


Yeah, Amazon Prime sort of did the same, just worse.

I don’t think I’d be that interested in Unlimited though; it mostly seems to be taster stuff where you get to try the first few volumes, and then buy the rest. Which is fine, but I have enough in my Comixology to-read list already.


Comixology Unlimited is the PG 13 of digital comics. It’s a tease, the first books free or here’s a shitty title you don’t care about. I’m sure it’s got shit numbers because it’s not what people really want. I’d be the creators barely see anything from it. We want streaming. We want everything, right away, right now. It’s where all these wars are going - it’s the inevitable destination. We’re all just delaying the evolution as long as possible, on the fear that it’ll end up with a smaller pot of cash.

Comixology Unlimited as it exists right now should be free already. You should get it for just setting up an account with them.


I’m not either but you can look at different angles. Comics used to be really cheap, my first copy of 2000ad was 16 pence. That was because they sold a shitload of them on terrible paper. They sold a load also because they were cheap. Chicken and egg.

The comics market since then has moved to more prestige, more expensive material with a smaller audience. The comic has gone from 200k casual readers to 20k dedicated ones. Is it possible via a global digital audience to get that back up to 200k? (The same is true for US comics and the direct market).

It’s possible an Unlimited style system could and publishers sign across the entire line because of that.


There’s way more than just a taste. Several Valiant books have multiple trades, there’s full runs of a few books, and it’s an easy way to sample a ton of Image, Dark Horse, and Marvel series. And it’s the monthly subscription model where I don’t even think about the cost.


It’s only much use to casual readers

What’s the point in something like they where you can’t finish a story you started reading on the service or it’s just a general & almost random selection of material that’s available


Because it’s for “casual readers” (or, in my case, someone who’s been reading for 30+ years and can’t afford a full habit). I run a reading group for people just getting into comics and about half of them use Comixology Unlimited regularly.


I’m glad that it’s a service you enjoy using


I meant ‘original’ in the sense that you can’t get it elsewhere - the kind of stuff Paul mentioned in his post.

Making a leap into 100% self-generated stuff would be the kind of leap into proper publishing that I was speculating about.


Yeah I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding on this thread about what Comixology Unlimited is now.

There’s still that teaser system but tons of complete runs — almost all of Hellboy and BPRD, all of Valiant’s stuff, a ton of Marvel trades, most of Kirkman’s stuff, all of Locke & Key, Rachel Rising, all the Luna Bros stuff, a ton of Love and Rockets. Hickman’s Image work seems to be on there; complete runs of a few of the Brubaker/Phillips series etc etc

It’s still not entirely complete, and yes some creators (Remender stands out) still use it to tease one or two volumes of a series. But it’s come on leaps and bounds since it started and I think will only get more complete as time goes on

(Absolutely zero DC, though! They really aren’t interested in streaming, it seems)


How does it work now? I pay Marvel monthly and have done so for years; I think they send an email every 12 months but I don’t think I had to do anything to continue paying - it’s just an opening to cancel it.


It’s optional. I pay annually because overall it’s cheaper but they’ve always offered a monthly sub.

I think Jim may be referring to that email thing though, I don’t know the legal stuff but Netflix just keeps taking your sub until you tell them you want to cancel.


My Marvel Unlimited expired thru my inaction. Their setup shouldn’t have allowed that to happen. Only my action should have ended the contract.


They may have changed that now, mine auto-renewed in February.


Half price offer code for Dark Horse Comics.

Use code DH50 at the checkout. Seems to include all comics bar the very latest issues.


Yep, I’ve got up to date with the rest of Black Hammer and its spin-offs as a result. :slight_smile:


This is today (5PM ET, 10PM in the UK/Ireland):


Working in conjunction with, comiXology is offering “print-on-demand” comic books and graphic novels, allowing certain titles in its comiXology Originals digital line to be printed and sent direct-to-home via Amazon.

The company is also experimenting with the release of multiple new issues of its comiXology Originals at one time for binge-reading. And it’s offering several new creator-owned titles that are free to read for subscribers to Amazon Prime and other book streaming services.

Along with the new approach, the company is launching several creator-owned titles in its comiXology Originals line, including Savage Game by NFL player Ryan Kalil (written by Shawn Kittelson and illustrated by Chris B. Murray), Superfreaks by writers Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet and artist Margaux Saltel, Ask for Mercy from Richard Starkings and artist Abigail Jill Harding, and Elephantmen 2261: The Death of Shorty from Starkings and artists Axel Medellin and Boo Cook.