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I remember buying those as floppies as they came out. Those B&W issues blew my young mind

Edited to say: colouring them is a travesty


Honest question and not just trying to rustle @Jim’s jimmies. :wink:

I’ve never been a huge fan of Marvel’s cosmic sector and find most of Jim Starlin’s more recent work that I’ve tried to read as a weird wank fest of what he must see as a deep philosophical discussion. I’ve never really liked Thanos as a character either.

However, I really liked the film version of Thanos in Infinity War (I would almost call him the hero of the film if a little misguided) and ComXology is doing a sale. So I wonder if it’s finally time that I read Infinity Gauntlet or is it just going to be the same Starlin weirdness and a let down after the film?


I didn’t like Infinity Gauntlet and I come at the material from pretty much the same angle as you.

However, I did really enjoy the two-part Thanos Quest comic that shows him collecting the gems.


I didn’t much like it either. I don’t think it has aged well.


I don’t think it’s in the sale, but Keith Giffen’s work on Cosmic- Marvel (Thanos 7 - 12, Drax, the Annihilation crossover) was pretty awesome. I enjoyed Thanos in that very much.


You’re better off reading the Thanos Rising series by Aaron. It’s a good intro to the character.


Thanks for the recommendations all.


I’ve heard good things about the recent Donny Cates run on Thanos, which just finished up.


X-Men: Grand Design - I’m a big fan of Ed Piskor’s writing and art style. This book looked to do something similar to Hip Hop Family Tree by summarizing broad swaths of X-Men continuity in a short, readable form. The trade was even printed in a similar oversized format. So it should have been a slam dunk for me. However, it seemed to fall short. Part of that might have been down to catching the digital trade day and date for 99¢. So I didn’t read it in what might have been the more ideal oversized print format. I think my main disconnect was that this volume covers the pre-Claremont (and therefore much less exciting era) of the X-Men. So I think I might still give the next volume a shot and this time in the print edition.


Piskor definitely works better for me in print than digitally. I enjoyed Grand Design more as a formal experiment than a reading experience, if that makes any sense. I’m familiar enough with the period he was covering that it was interesting seeing how he was connecting everything, and the way he was presenting it, so I really enjoyed that. But I’m also a sucker for formal exercises, so if they don’t do a lot for you I can see how it might not work.


Piskor has a great ability to condense a lot of information. However the appeal of Hip-hop Family Tree for me was I didn’t know most of it, it was a real learning experience. With the X-Men I have read the first 300 issues, many of them several times, so it was only really the odd little retcon they’ve fitted in that was new to me.

I’ll read the continuation but only on the cheap again.


There’s an Image sale on at the moment, with individual collected volumes priced the same as a single issue.
In particular I’d recommend

Fatale & The Fade Out both from one of the best writer and art teams in comics history

Autumnlands written by Busiek

Southern Bastards by Aaron & Latour

Plutonia and Royal City from Lemire and the beautiful Descender from Lemire and Nyugen


Papergirls from Vaughan and Chiang

All really strong, different examples of Image books books that have smashed in in the last few years. If I were to do a top 3 to narrow that down it would be Fatale, Southern Bastards and Descender.

Well worth your time if you enjoy comic books and great stories and the best art the industry has to offer.


I can’t get into Descender (I get too strong a feeling of deja vu from this), but Southern Bastards and Fatale are amazing.


How far did you get with it Vik?

So, full disclosure here, I’ve had a few volumes on my shelf for maybe a year because the second volume lost me a bit, but I re-read the lot a book a day while commuting, vol 1 - 5 and I kinda changed the way I was reading it and it really grabbed me this time round.

Not saying that would work for anyone else or that’s the problem, but just out of interest how far you got.
The art is a massive factor for me, I’m a total sucker for water colours.


The art is gorgeous. I only read the first arc, in singles (#1-6). It’s a great book, but I finished every issue thinking I’ve read this before.


I get the deja vu idea if anyone has read the modern Astro Boy, which is brilliant and Lemire doesn’t shy away from being his main influence.


It’s thematically very similar to Kevin J Anderson’s Saga of Seven Suns (although to be fair, I gave up with that after book two too).


I really didn’t care for Descender either. It should have been right over the plate for me but I couldn’t get into it.


Once it gets into the nitty gritty of the war and the politics of the various factions it adds a lot more depth

But yeah, I can totally see where all your comments are coming from.


I tried the first few issues of Descender and loved the art but the story didn’t grab me. Looks great though.

I might use the sale to catch up on Paper Girls - I jumped off around issue #6 or #7 and meant to go back at some point.