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This Valerian book is free, volume 1:


This now makes all our previously-bought copies of Valerian worthless.

Should we all prepare long posts denouncing the publisher? Just checking, because I’m a bit unsure of the protocol in these things.


Yes, because;

A publisher with little to no mainstream footprint in the US, giving away a single book that was originally published a year ago as a promotional offer.

Is the same as:

The US industry’s biggest comic book publisher giving away every book published today for a nominal cost, every single week.

Clearly, those two things are the same. Right?


I’ve seen the future of comics. This weekend, I had the opportunity to thumb through a few comics on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. It feels like as big of a leap in vibrance and resolution as viewing a comic for the first time on my first generation iPad. Imagine having every book you own in Absolute format with an even better color palette. It really looks amazing. Now if the price would just come down a bit. :wink:


New Humble Bundle is video game tie-ins from Titan


In terms of “is this going to completely unbalance the comics retail industry?” then no they are poles apart.

In terms of “this makes my existing copy of that comic which I paid for worthless” which somebody on this forum actually said then, yeah, it’s the exact same thing. Because you paid big bucks for something that you could have waited a year for and gotten for free. Ha ha. Sucker.


Try to put yourself in the role of a retailer for a second. You invest in inventory, all non-returnable, with the hope you can sell the book to a customer for a modest markup. So say you have $10,000 in Marvel trade paperbacks and you plan to sell each book for $25 each.

Those same trade paperbacks have now been made available online for a dollar each. Giving consumers the option to spend 25 times as much to read the story. You don’t think it’s going to lessen the likelihood you’ll sell a book? You don’t think it’ll cause hesitation for customers that other trades might end up at similar digital price?

The discussion isn’t about the customers David. It’s about the retailers.


The 99c deal seems to be finished now.


Yeah I noticed it was absent yesterday when I was getting my new comics.


They were there yesterday morning, as I had pre-ordered Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2 a few weeks ago at a higher price, and was only charged 89c. They must have taken them down in the afternoon.


Interesting. I saw it yesterday too and it seems to have disappeared now. Maybe they are done.

There was a retailer summit before C2E2. The scuttlebutt I heard was that retailers (rightfully) came down pretty hard on Marvel. So maybe they’ve changed tactics.


It was definitely there when I got mine. This week’s new collections were included.



This article actually has screen grabs from yesterday’s offerings.


Looks like I just logged on later then as I use the UK version of the site due it being tied to my Amazon account.

Unlike the Beat article I am still not convinced it is Amazon driven because it only affects a certain type of Marvel book and no other publishers. If it’s their standard operating practice then why has it never happened once to a new DC/Dark Horse/Image book?

It’s not really surprising CB would be clueless as various EICs before him have emphasised that pricing is nothing to do with them, they just manage the content. It could be if he was hassled about it in Chicago he’s spoken to some people to have it pulled.


I acknowledged the retailer in my post. It’s not me that’s making this discussion personal, it’s the “this devalues my pre-existing comics” people.


I’m not sure the argument is that it devalues existing comics. We’ve all bought something new and then seen it on sale later for a cheaper price. That’s just how sales work.

I think the argument is that such drastic price cuts for brand new books devalue comics in general.


This then has the ability to alter people’s buying habits. If someone is already waiting for a trade, would 99¢ vs. ~$15 tempt that person to go digital? Or if someone has been buying the singles digitally at $3.99-4.99/issue, would 99¢ tempt them to be a little more patient? I’ll be honest, it already affected my buying habits and how I was considering following future Marvel books.


Yes, exactly. It hasn’t taken long to change people’s mindsets quite considerably.

Comixology was already training people to wait for sales, but even in those sales the collections were usually a few pounds, not 69p. By discounting so deep, and immediately, it changes people’s perception of what they’re willing to pay for something on release, and so what it is worth.


I’m sure we’ve all discussed elsewhere the realities facing the job market - the rise in automation, the impact of the internet on countless industries and the potential need for a revamp of social and economic policies in the near future (potentially including a UBI). We can’t expect every industry’s workers to have to change except just this one because we’re tied to it emotionally.

I don’t think a comic book shop is the best way to get comics. If it relies on goodwill alone to survive, that’s a problem.


The current IMAGE18 code gives a nice 60% discount on all Image books released up to mid-February. I’ve caught up on one or two series that I’d fallen behind on (Lazarus!) and checked out several new collections.