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Agreed. Action Comics #775 is still one of my favorite single issue stories of all time.


Goddamnit. I bought a load of the Dan Slott trades in the Comixology sale last weekend. Only to find nearly all of them cheaper in the Amazon Kindle sale today. I could have saved myself few quid.

To commiserate I went and bought another 6 trades (for £10).



New Humble Bundle is an Image Expo tie-in, lots of cool stuff in there.

and Spawn


I’m not sure when I’ll be fully on board with the digital comics. I did order the a handful of Warren era Vampis from Comixology just so I could get a taste of the format but was disappointed they weren’t downloadable to save. Since I have to work with audile music streams to review new material, I’m willing to try, and even reviewed a couple of digital comics as part of other writing assignments, but I’m just not “there” yet, being fossil-minded as I am, lol. Meanwhile, the boxes of hard copy back issues continue to mount in the office, lol…


The spacing in the Comixology app just made me think there was a really weirdly titled new Batman book out.


Marvel has a ‘Legacy’ sale on Comixology at the moment, so I picked up the Legacy one-shot. It’s ok for what it is - I’ve never been a big fan of these extended-trailer type of comics, but some of the vignettes were decent, like the prehistoric group of heroes.

I also picked up Captain America #695 and #696 (only those two issues were in the sale). It’s another great book for Waid and Samnee, telling fairly straightforward and traditional stories in both issues but bringing them to life with some really effective visual techniques and clever scripting (of the kind that feels deceptively simple). Although I think colourist Matthew Wilson might be the unsung hero of the book, judging by these two issues: there’s a lovely sense of shade and texture to the colours here that really helps to shape the book’s identity.


Not sure who else has Comixology Unlimited but they just put a load of recent Valiant trades, pretty impressive how many are there now. And the Hellboy/BPRD library is getting bigger, too.


The entire collection of Heavy Metal appears to be available for free download. I have no idea of the legitemacy of this, but here’s the link for anyone that wants to look into it:


Huge Marvel collections sale on at Comixology. 99c per tpb.

At that price I may even pick up Secret Empire!


I keep getting quarterly e-mails from ComiXology offering $5 off a $15+ spend. I keep trying to use them, and get told that I can’t on the site, and it won’t let me buy anything on the .com site because I have a UK credit card. Is this happening to anyone else? Have you found a workaround?


Yeah, it’s annoying. The same with them constantly pushing Unlimited, which is still US-only, AFAIK.


This week’s 69p/99c Marvel collections:

Any particularly worth it? I’ve never read those New Mutants issues.


New Mutants definitely. Go and spend the 69p now!




Some of those are even better value than normal, page-count wise. The Captain Marvel collection is about 20 issues, and the Wolverine epic is 16 (including all of Origin, which has nice art at least).


I don’t even know what half this shit is but I’m buying it

Maybe this is a mad experiment by Marvel, in that it costs them very little; once digital is uploaded, its uploaded. And people are buying it who would never buy it digitally otherwise.

If they sustain the same sales levels on their paper editions - because I think it’s a slightly different audience for the most part, then is this a workable business model?


I’m assuming the Captain Marvel book is actually the Ms Marvel 70s run?

Cunning rebranding, if so.


It could be Chris, we make our guesses but they have 10 times the data we do. There are plenty of models where stuff is sold for no profit or even a loss to get people on board. Panini sticker albums, Hachette partworks, games consoles, printers etc.


It’s Brian Reed’s run from the mid-00s, right after she changed her name from Warbird back to Ms. Marvel.


A lot of this stuff has made its production costs back at least one or two times, so if they have the digital files sitting around from a relatively recent physical print run, at worst they’re looking at the cost to make it into a comixology-compliant file, whatever their hosting costs are, whatever admin overhead they have, and the cut comixology takes.

I’d be surprised if this didn’t at least work out at a small profit for Marvel, and it keeps people coming back week after week.