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Thanks for the heads up - I snapped up the first MM volume, but the other 2 weren’t on sale at the same time; got 'em now.


Star Wars sale with the newer Marvel title trades reduced from ~$10 to ~$3.


Thor #360-362 - I picked these up in a sale on the strength of the link to Thor: Ragnarok and Millarworld recommendations. As many have said, this is as much of a Skurge story as a Thor story. I’m not generally in to comics of this era as they tend to be a bit more verbose than I prefer. However, this was pretty good. The film stole some of the best visuals and plot points especially Skurge’s redemption. Not a bad little 3 issue tale.

Vision Vol. 2: Little Better Than a Beast - Another one I picked up in a sale based on recommendations here. I don’t think I loved it as much as some but it was pretty good and definitely different than the usual Avengers fair. The way everything was laid out and then paid off was pretty great.


New Humble Bundle from Top Shelf

Some of the bits in there have been offered before - LoeG Century, Nemo and Alone Forever were in a previous Top Shelf bundle, and Wizzywig was in one of the earliest general comics bundles.


Looks like there’s a big Conan sale on ComiXology. Looks like Dark Horse is possibly anticipating the license reverting to Marvel.

Any recommendations on must reads?


Conan, the Barbarian by Brian Wood. Four volumes. Great writing. Amazing art. An Image- like take on the Cimmerian. Highly recommended.

The early volumes by Busiek and Nord are great too, but a bit more “classic” Conan, and less structured.


It’s not Conan, but I’m going to do my regular recommendation for Rachel Rising 1 - it’s also on sale just now with the rest of the Terry Moore stuff at £2.99 a volume.


Thanks. I had read some of Busiek and Nord’s early issues of Conan but left off. I was always curious about Wood’s run but never picked any of it up.

Does Wood’s work coincide with any of the trades on sale in the Conan Graphic Novels portion of that list? Volume 13-16 possibly? If I were only picking up one, do I need to do the first one in his run or does it matter. It looks like there’s a fair amount of Becky Cloonan art in the first two.


Yep, looks like Wood’s run is vol 13-16.

It’s one continuous story, broken down into shorter 3 issue arcs. You do have to read them in order.

Cloonan only does the first arc, IIRC (in vol 13). And, maybe one issue in the second volume.

But, as I mentioned earlier though, the artwork is pretty awesome throughout. James Harren did an arc that blew me away with the energy he brought to the action scenes. Declan Shalvey did an arc too, as did Paul Azaceta, Mirko Colak, Leonardo Fernandez, and other alumni from Woods’ Northlanders series.


Yeah I’m still reading through the issues after buying them in a sale months back (pretty sure you threw down your recommendation down then too) and the last issue I read hit me right in the eyes. Any disappointment I had at Cloonan not drawing it all was swiftly curtailed.
Ronnie, you should definitely give it a go. It was the first proper Conan that I read and it hasn’t left me confused at all.


Thanks, guys. I’ll pick up the first volume and add it to my reading pile. The Marvel announcement has me excited about the possibilities for Conan again.


Amazon has the digital (Kindle & Comixology) version of the big new Vision hardcover available for just £5.40.

(Don’t be dissuaded by that ‘#1-6’, the Director’s Cut issues each comprised two of the original issues, so all twelve are there.)


Click the link above and that Amazon/Comixology version of the complete Vision HC is down to £2.16 now. That’s 18p an issue. Insane.


It looks like Amazon is doing another stealth Marvel digital sale where all the collections are about 20p an issue.


You’re right. I’ve been waiting for a deal on the third and final Lemire Moon Knight collection and it’s £1.44. And the fifth Soule Daredevil TPB (which is £2.52). Crazy.


Action Comics #761 - Last week’s Batman #39 was a strong reminder of this old Superman story. So I dug through my longbox but couldn’t find it and ended up buying it on ComiXology. After reading the story, I’m pretty sure I never actually read it but only read about it as I read a lot of the books around it at the time. In this story, Superman and Wonder Woman are trapped in Valhalla for 1000 years which tests Superman’s commitment to Lois. I really think Joe Kelly was underappreciated on this book and German Garcia sold the visual storytelling. There are some elements that tie in to other things going on at the time but this is mostly a done-in-one tale that I would highly recommend.


Someone pointed out the similarities to Tom King, who’d never read it:

Thread. (Minor spoilers ahead for Batman 39) This has been driving me crazy. So, yesterday @bullthesis pointed out that the plot to the upcoming Batman 39 resembled Action Comics 761 by Kelly and Garcia, an issue I’d never read…until today. Just now. And @bulthesis is right.

There are major overlaps and major differences, but had I read Action 761, I would’ve changed 39 significantly or I would’ve reached out to Kelly and/or Garcia and put in tributes to acknowledge the inspiration, as I did with Batburger and Waid and Ross’s Kingdom Come.

So you know, my story originated from a combination of L. Simonson’s Magik’s timeless demon realm, W. Simonson’s Thor 362, and Death takes a Holiday–I knew it wasn’t the most Morrisonly original idea, but it seemed like a good frame work for some emotional beats I’d planned.

So when/if you read Batman 39, know definitively that Kelly and Garcia did it first and did it very well. I highly recommend you read Action 761 and judge yourself. And, finally, I’m still very proud of my take on this concept and I hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks.


Great response from Mr King


Oh, I don’t at all think it was a rip off and wasn’t trying to court controversy with my review. To be fair, the original was 18+ years ago. So I think it’s fair game to reinterpret or riff on the themes. Batman #39 was excellent and I’m looking forward to the resolution in #40. King shouldn’t be ashamed at all but be proud of his story. I’m actually glad that it sent me back to Action Comics #761. They read really well as a pair.

So if you liked Batman #39, go give Action Comics #761 a shot. :wink:


Joe Kelly’s Action Comics run was amazing from start to finish. This issue being just one of many great single issue stories.