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That’s a very cool cover.


Some sales on 3 of my favourite comics of the last decade on comiXology just now -

Providence, Rachel Rising and Locke & Key

Presumably for Halloween.


There’s a big Geoff Johns sale on at Comixology.

I dropped Geoff Johns a few years ago, after a 1-2-3-4 punch of: never ending rainbow lantern nonsense; a boring Batman Earth One; a frankly piss poor New52 Justice League relaunch; and most significantly, the unjust side lining of Wally West. I’ve skipped a lot of his stuff over the last few years.

But, to be fair to him, he has won me back in the last couple of years with the “Darkseid War” and “Rebirth”, in particular. I still f*cking hate his take on Batman, but I’ll let that slide.

So, I decided to pick up a few things in this sale, that I’ve never read: Brightest Day vol 1-3; Green Lantern (the post- Blackest Night volumes with Doug Mahnke); and, ironically, the Francis Manapul drawn Flash series (mostly for the art).

Probably overdid it, really, but what the heck. It’s payday.


There’s a pretty big Thor sale on ComiXology.

I’m picking up Thor #360-362 as several here had recommended the Skurge storyline. I’m also picking up Mighty Thor #13-19 for the Asgard/Shi’ar War storyline.


Bloodshot Salvation #1 - The Bloodshot design and idea have always intrigued me but the execution never seems to connect with me. This issue is no different. It was a free offering on ComiXology. So I didn’t lose anything on giving it a shot.

Monstress #1 - This has been setting in my digital comics queue for sometime but I’ve just never read it. While I can see that the art is quite good and the story seems very original, it’s just really not my cup of tea. I think the level of child maiming and endangerment is probably what most put me out of the story.


There are some pretty good Comixology sales on at the moment - a big Justice League sale and a big Daredevil sale too.

I’m going to take the opportunity to catch up on the last couple of collections of Soule’s Daredevil.


New Humble bundle is Dynamite James Bond comics. Looks like the top tier nabs you the first two Ellis arcs, two by Diggle, and a bunch more besides


I’ve got all those already. They are good comics. Definitely recommended.


Sales gearing up for Black Friday on Comixology. DC have pretty much every trade they have ever made going for $4.99 / £2.99. I just may have made 10 purchases. :smile:


Any recommendations from recent DC?


Amazing sale. I picked up the first of the new Doom Patrol collections, and Superman: American Alien. Then I went back and picked up the Prez collection too. And I’ve just gone back and picked up The Button as well.

I’ve got to stop going back.


Have you bought The Wild Storm yet?


I’ve been buying it all in singles. I should have held out!


I had about £75 worth of DC TPB’s in my basket earlier! I wimped out, and whittled it down to £9. Crazy prices all round.


My first pass was just over $264. :joy:


I decided to buy all 10 volumes of Sandman. I only have it in issues at my mother’s house and haven’t read it since it came out in the 90s.


Digital comic sales are my weakness. I bought a range of next-volumes on series I’d been following (Clean Room, Unfollow, the Rucka Wonder Woman), plus the last three books of DC Bombshells and the whole of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, because it’s one of the top remaining items in the ‘Vertigo Classics I’ve not read’ list.

Oh, and the most recent two Hellblazer trade releases, because I like Mike Carey. And the Six Pack & Dogwelder mini by Ennis.

Also the next volume of East of West and Savage Town in the Image sale.

And DC have now replaced the trade sale with a BOGOF, so I also picked up the last few issues of The Wild Storm, Doom Patrol and Shade The Changing Girl.

And now I’ll stop buying comics for a while. I think that was about £50-60, but I’m opting not to think about it too hard.


All the collected Kane volumes are in the Image comixology sale.

Totally totally recommended.


If anyone’s been waiting for Marvel to publish the old Moore Miracleman affordably, they’re in the current MAX sale on Comixology:
(Thankfully I already found the hardbacks on a comic shop cheap shelf ages ago, so can leave these.)

Plus a load of of Garth Ennis Punisher I already have, but they’ve thrown in the first 3 issues of the new Platoon series, so grabbed them. Now maybe I’ll stop buying comics.