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I started to merge my ComiXology and Amazon accounts today after buying my books for the week. However, I noticed the disclaimer below. I have an older iPad mini. So I need to check my version before I complete the merge.



I have a 3rd gen iPad that’s ancient now, but haven’t had any issues with merging. It’s running iOS 9.3.5.


I checked the version of the app I’m running. It’s 3.10. So I’ll do the merge soon.


Thanks again for the heads up, @garjones; finished the first Miracleman collection last night (well, the main story by Alan Moore anyway - I skipped the Anglo stuff and the stories about peripheral characters).

Although there is all this additional material it is still missing stuff that I have in CBR files, and the additional material that I would be keen on is presented pretty poorly - why feature the new variant covers at 1/4 the size?

Still, well worth what I paid. If they ever release a paper collection of just the Moore story I’d likely buy that too.


Ghost #0-4 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto was a great read, revamping Dark Horse’s titular heroine for the 21st century. I’ve read very little by this creative team beforehand, but both the writing and artwork were really well done. I have a vague familiarity with the earlier version of the character, but this version ditches the heavy handed faux feminism and starts everything again. Recommended! I’ll have to see if I can pick up the series that followed this in the next Comixology DH sale.


More on this, I figured the second volume wouldn’t be as discounted as the first but it’s quite silly - what appears to be available on Amazon/Kindle is Miracleman Volume 1 (Parental advisory edition), which collects issues 1-4 of the Marvel floppies - it’s currently $7.70 (though I got it for 3 dollars a few days ago).

Then there’s Miracleman Book 2 (not volume, not Parental Advisory edition), which collects Miracleman 5-10. It’s selling for $17.26.

Then there’s Miracleman Volume 3 (Parental advisory edition), which collects #11-16, and the annual. It’s selling for $9.34.

This is all still quite cheap really, <40 bucks for the whole Moore run (but weird that volume 2 is so much more expensive - it doesn’t have the highest page count). But complicating things is that Miracleman Volume 2 is on Comixology for $9.99 (and volume 3 is $12.99).


There’s a Kieron Gillen sale on at the moment, of his Avatar work. Uber is really good, for those that don’t like his ‘trendy’ work it’s nothing like that. It’s an alternative history of WW2 where the various factions develop superhuman soldiers. Not necessarily a new idea, it goes back to Captain America and is touched on in Zenith but really explored in depth in Uber.


Big DC Rebirth sale on Comixology at the moment:

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Justice League, All-Star Batman and loads more.

I’m thinking of checking out Rucka’s Wonder Woman, and maybe giving All-Star Batman another try (I originally bailed around issue #3).

Any other recommendations?


Just popping in to say you were absolutely right about this, Ronnie. I took your advice and am very glad I did, they’re very, very good comics.


I’m glad you enjoyed them, Sam. I think they are these great Silver Age type stories but with modern sensibilities. It’s a bit like All-Star Superman but well before that book. Majestic is also Superman-like without falling into the usual pastiche you get with similar archetype characters. This was the series Ed McGuiness was on just before he was put on Superman.

I really wish the last story arc would have gotten its full run. It remains compelling as is with some really interesting Eric Canete art.


There’s an Amazon glitch causing the digital edition of the Superman Rebirth Deluxe Edition to show up as £4.74/$6.23:


ComiXology is doing a nice DC Crossovers sale. I’m strongly considering buying Batman/Deathblow: After the Fire by Azzarello and Bermejo and maybe DC Comics/Dark Horse: Justice League. Any recommendations?


The Batman/Elmer Fudd issue is cheap; people raved about that - I might give it a go.


A couple of recent Comixology reads:

Death of Wolverine - I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would. McNiven’s art was amazing, and Soule’s story was a lot of fun too. Funnily enough, there were quite a few thematic parallels with Logan. However, the “death” itself never comes across as a permanent thing. I’m surprised Marvel kept it going for as long as they have. #1 also has a Len Wein interview in it, that was especially poignant given recent events.

Civil War: Young Avengers/ Runaways - I’ll admit, I don’t really like either team, so this series had an uphill struggle with me from the beginning. But, I do like Zeb Wells’ work so thought that this was worth a punt at least. It was alright. Probably one of the better event tie in mini-series I’ve read, if I’m honest about it. It also tries to bridge the gap between Morrison’s Marvel Boy mini-series and Noh-Var’s integration into the wider Marvel Universe. I wasn’t expecting that so it was a nice bit of continuity to catch up on.


After watching the video I posted in the DC Comics thread on the upcoming Green Lantern: Earth One, I was curious about the creative team’s other work that they mentioned, Invisible Republic. It turns out the first trade is on sale for $3.99 right now for whatever reason.


It’s really good.


I think Invisible Republic is great. One of the best comics out there barely anyone talks about. Clever and complex and Hardman is always good on art.


X-O Manowar (2017) Vol 1: Soldier - I picked this up in a ComiXology Valiant sale a couple weeks ago. It covers the first three issues of the new X-O Manowar book by Matt Kindt and Tomas Giorello. The story and art were pretty great. It gets the epic, space fairing sci-fi feel with incredible designs down while really showing great character moments. Valiant really seems to have this down.

What was a bit disappointing was how sparse the collection was. Of the 174 pages in this collection, less than 100 pages of that was actual story content. Oddly, each issue was collected in its entirety including adds and letters pages along with extra filler material at the back. If I had paid more than the $5.99 sale price that I did, I would have been incredibly disappointed.


Looks good, never heard of it. I’ve purchased it right now.


Batman/Deathblow: After the Fire - This was 3 part mini series by frequent collaborators Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. I really liked the trade cover (below) that came out not to long ago and finally picked up in a DC sale. It was a fun crossover/team-up between Batman and Deathblow where the two never actually meet. They’re both working the same case 10 years apart. The story is interesting though it does trip over itself in parts where it’s trying to double cross the double crosses. The art is pretty stellar but can be a bit confusing in parts. All in all it was good read that I enjoyed.

New Gods (1972) #1 - What a fun issue. Kirby was definitely at the top of his game here and unencumbered by interference. I pick this issue up in a sale a while back and might have to give the series a shot at some point.