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Yeah it is. There’s a lag from purchase to it appearing. I think it was a day when I last bought one. Other than that very easy, it sits in ‘My Books’ as if you had bought it on Comixology.


Fantastic. Thanks - the same book is 10.99 on My login/e-mail is the same for both and Comixology - is that enough do you think?


My purchases usually go through from Amazon to the Comixology app within about five or ten minutes.

There’s a delay the first time you merge your Amazon and Comixology accounts, though - that can take up to three days.


You have to actively merge your Comixology account with your Amazon account, via Comixology. From then on you can only use your Amazon login to access Comixology.


You need to merge the accounts, so that you’re using the Amazon login link instead of the Comixology one:


You need to use the Amazon one. Dave may be right that was my first purchase after merging them, it may not take as long after that.

Once you merge though you have to stick with the Amazon logon.


On Miracleman specifically, it’s still well worth it (especially at that price) but they have been a bit miserly in parcelling out the stories over the three Moore volumes. About half the page count is behind-the-scenes stuff and original art, like that review suggests.

Still interesting though.


Yeah absolutely, they did add a lot of filler but for $2.46 it hardly matters, that’s cheaper than a normal single issue of 20 pages.


I’ve drug my feet on merging my ComiXology and Amazon accounts. Has anyone seen any drawbacks to the merge?


I haven’t, but I do feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on that.

These cheap prices may be partly a deliberate ploy to get people to merge accounts. Amazon have some obvious immediate interest in doing that, but I wonder whether there may be more to it down the line.


Well, they’ve sucked me in.

FWIW Torso is for sale through Comixology too for only USD2.99 anyway.

Yeah, the other thing I’ll buy soon is Dark Knights: Metal #2 which is USD3.99, for 29 pages.


Only that you lose your Comixology user ID - after the merge you can only log in with your Amazon account.


I picked up Mighty Thor: The Asgard/ Shi-Ar War, Jessica Jones TPB #1 and the new Iron Fist TPB #1. All for £6.60.


Does it change your app login or any of that access?


You’ll be kicked out of the App, and have to log in again with your Amazon ID & password.


Will it affect what I already have stored on my device?


I don’t think so. I can’t 100% remember what happened when I did mine a few months ago, but I don’t remember having to download any books a second time.


Thanks, Vikram. I remember when the app originally came out and everything had to be re-downloaded every time there was an upgrade.


No it makes no difference at all. You just get a new section called 'Kindle Books" which you can download and view.

This won’t affect most people here but Comixology is fully international, Amazon is not, so when I merged I can now only buy from the UK store, it locks you into a single geography.


Thanks, Gar. Great point. I did notice that I could no longer buy anything from Comixology’s NA site, but that was such a tiny occurrence anyway I forgot all about it.