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Weird that the sale doesn’t include the Millar Authority issues, or Moore’s WildCATS run.


Thanks Dave.


I started reading Providence last week. Up to #6 at the moment. This is a book that requires a lot of time & attention to do it justice. I’d say I’m enjoying it, but that would be wrong. I’m captivated, more like. I want to read on and find out what happens next, even though I’m slightly repulsed by what I’m actually reading.

I’m really glad I took the time to read Courtyard and Neonomicon first, as the Easter Eggs in this series would seem rather non sequitur otherwise.

Barrows’ artwork is remarkably effective at telling Moore’s story, and he really sells the unsettling scenes well. The voluminous journal entries are also greatly entertaining too; perhaps even more so than the main comic.

Overall, I’m glad I picked this up in the sale (thanks to Chris & others for the wholehearted recommendation). I look forward to seeing how this plays out over the second half of the series; the sense of impending doom is palpable. I wonder just how bad it will get before the end.


Brilliant - glad it’s got under your skin - let me know when the weird dreams start.


Do you mean that one where I turn up to an exam and I’m in my pyjamas and I haven’t studied? :wink:


Regarding Providence - I’m on issue 8 and its… kinda disappointing… Idiot wonders through some towns, chat people up and missing what’s going on… Or is that me?

Is it a very dark comedy and I’m missing it?
(That’s what happened when I read Watchmen too)


Ha! :slight_smile:

I had crazy dreams after one of the earlier issues of Providence - it’s a book that gets into your head like that.


Funny, I felt similar about Watchmen too. Although I am really tempted to give it another read now that I’m a bit more in tune with Moore’s style.

Did you read Moore & Barrows’ earlier collaborations? I can only speak for myself, but reading those in the recent past has certainly meant I appreciate Providence more.


No, I’ve not read the earlier ones. Perhaps that’s it.


Comixology is running a Marvel BOGOF sale. Any recent recommendations? I’m considering trying Defenders. What else is worth a look?


Gwenpool has been really good recently. Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl are as good as ever.


Spider-man/ Deadpool #1-5, 8-10, 13, 14, 17, 18.


Comixology is running a big 67%-off Grant Morrison DC sale. Loads of great stuff in there.


Finally finished reading Providence. I haven’t been able or inclined to read anything else in the interim. I’m glad I read it, and I particularly liked the last 2 issues, as they explored how Lovecraft’s stories spread round the world, and overtly tied into Courtyard and Neonomicon. But, it really is a quite unpleasant read.

The voluminous journal entries were an interesting read in their own right, but after a while I found them repetitive and exasperating at the same time. Repeating many of the same events as the main story was tiresome. And, the ever increasing way Robert’s own life mirrored both the prophecies of the Stella Sapiente and the dreams he experienced was off putting. I can see what Moore was going for, but it repeatedly threw me out of the story. Was Robert really that stupid to not notice the similarities himself?

All that being said, I suspect this story is going to linger a little while. I think I’ll need to go read something completely different tonight as a palate cleanser.


Back in 2011 Dark Horse Comics published a Dollhouse mini series, “Epitaphs”. Set in the post-apocalyptic future from the shows. It accurately captures the feel of the show, and it was great to see more of that world, if only for a little while. Written by Jed Whedon, Maurissa tancharoen, and Andrew Chambliss, with art by Buffy alum Cliff Richards. The mini-series ends with the promise of more, but appropriately enough no more has been forthcoming to date. Shame. If, like me, you liked the show I think this is worth a read, if you can get it cheaply.


Yeah, as a fan of the show, I made sure I picked these up in a sale in July. I’m pleased the original writers got to add to their universe, though I’d liked them to have continued with the 2020 saga from Epitaph 2. Saying that, I second your assessment of this mini-series. :facepunch:


Is anyone else reading The Immortal Iron Fists? It’s a Comixology exclusive Marvel mini-series, picking up the story of Danny Rand and new Iron Fist Pei after the end of Kaare Andrews’ Living Weapon series.

Andrews is only writing the series this time, and providing covers; Afu Chan is the artist. The art is a little weird, and definitely takes a little getting used to, but weirdly suits the story’s mood perfectly once you get acclimatised. It’s a demon infested, coming of age, teen soap opera. I like it well enough, but don’t come into this expecting dark, grim and gritty. This is some real light hearted stuff a la DC’s Super Sons.

It’s a 6 issue mini. #4 just came out. There’s a TPB expected out next year some time.


Crazy Kindle prices seem to have returned from Marvel/Icon.

This was linked to by Bendis but I can see Miracleman trades and other stuff going for $2-3.

Daredevil Love and War for 98 cents!


More opportunities to fill in my lapsedness :+1:


$2.46 for 176 pages? Oh, wait, one reviewer says:

Half as long as described then filled with filler. Still as great as it ever was.

I’m still keen, as I only have this as old CBR files - I haven’t bought anything through Amazon/Kindle before. Is it easy to get to it through the Comixology app?