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Older than both of you together :wink:

For @davidm, the recent run on Superman and Action Comics has actually been really good. DC seem to have learned that the best way to make good Superman comics isn’t to strip him of his powers or send him on a long walk across America. Apparently having him be Superman and have adventures works really well.


Yes, that’s why I said:

I’m sure they are doing something “right”, but they’ve done it by throwing everything out and putting back in only the bits they want to use, which is what I propose should be the model for everything. Don’t start with a blank slate, but start with the bits you want, regardless of whether those are the bits that were being used by the last writer a month ago or not.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but… have you ever read DC comics before? :wink:


The man’s gotta a point.


I totally get that point - but I think they’ve learned some valuable lessons.

Maybe 24 months…


Yup, you can use their history as story elements, but you’re not bound to them - nor are you bound to the events going on around you. Marvel have made that their cornerstone - each month the stories are set roughly at the same time and have an impact on each other, culminating around semi annual events. And I don’t think it’s what the market wants anymore. For a long time though it’s what made Marvel great.


Make Marvel Great Again?


ComiXology has a DC Jack Kirby Sale up today in anticipation of tomorrow’s Mister Miracle launch.


Valerian & Laureline Vol. 9: Châtelet Station, Destination Cassiopeia - This always seemed like a series I would really be into. So I tried the first volume a while back and it really wasn’t my cup of tea. At that time, this volume was suggested as a bit of turning point in the series. It really didn’t catch on with me either. It’s not objectively bad, just not to my taste.


New Humble Bundle is a shedload of IDW’s Transformers and GI Joe comics, notably at the top level you get the digital versions of most if not all of the big omnibus hardcovers.


Oooohh. That’s a great bundle. Sorely tempted, but I got most of Phase 2 in the last Transformers bundle. Is the Phase 1 stuff worth getting? How about the GI Joe stuff? Does that include the Dixon/ Gulacy mini-series.


I really liked the Phase 1 stuff, I even enjoy the Costa ongoing a fair bit though, so my opinion may be seen as untrustworthy.

I read a lot of the early GI Joe comics IDW did and thought they were really good. Lost track during or just after the Cobra Civil War arc though, and then it descended into multiple relaunches due to poor sales.


Boom are having a Comixology sale:

Is Morrison’s Klaus worth reading? Any other recommendations?


Kong of Skull Island and Arcadia. I know others liked Klaus but I thought it was just okay.


Klaus is pretty good, yes.


Hi Paul, I have just looked at the sale (and your post) today and there’s some really great prices in there, particularly for the following - (plus Klaus).

Strange Fruit (£2.99) - which I have double dipped in floppy and trade, I liked it that much.
I still feel this is rather underrated and under discussed, esp given the team involved.

Snow Blind (£2.49) - I also enjoyed a lot, in particular Tyler Jenkins water colour painted art.

Cognetic (£1.99) - is part two of Tynion IV& Erik Donovan’s end of the world, thematically linked ‘etic’ trilogy. You don’t have to have read Memetic to read this, but I strongly recommend you do, just for the simple fact that it is fantastic, pretty original and bleak as fuck.

Boom have put out some of my favourite limited series in the last 2 to 3 years.


I don’t think they helped themselves in that respect with the book running really late. I’m not so bothered about that nowadays but it does affect momentum and discussion.

It’s why Mark, not always 100% successfully due to some personal setbacks on the Jupiter books, went to stockpiling more issues before release. I got an email today with 2 written and drawn issues of a series that I cannot mention but won’t be on the shelves for 6 months.


I didn’t realise Strange Fruit was on sale. I’ve heard good things, I think I will have to pick it up.


Is there any reason to choose the collected edition over the single issues (or vice versa)? It’s actually marginally cheaper to buy the four issues individually but I don’t know if there’s extra stuff in the collection.


ComiXology has a Wildstorm 25th Anniversary sale going on right now.

If you’ve never read them, I highly recommend these 3 issues of Mr. Majestic. They are all done-in-one stories and among some of my favorite single issues.


I just noticed that the digital (Kindle & Comixology) version of the Death Of Stalin graphic novel (the inspiration for Armando Iannucci’s upcoming film) is just £0.99 at Amazon.

Well worth a punt at that price for a 120-page book, I think.