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Damn it. So did I.
Comixology are crippling me here!


Comixology have a 75% off sale on Avatar books at present. You can get the whole of Providence for less than a tenner! Would you recommend that to someone like me, who isn’t really into horror? Do I need or would benefit from having read the other Moore/ Burrows books too.

Individual issues of Cinema Purgatorio are like £1/ £1.25 - are these worth it? From the creators alone, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be, but would value some thoughts/ recommendations.


I was waiting just for this, Avatar books are too expensive but now I have caught up with War Stories, Uber and Cinema Purgatorio and bought all of Providence for a reasonable thirty nicker.


Buy buy buy buy buy

Vik, even if you are not a big horror fan, Providence in my opinion was the best comic being published last year. I think it is up there with Moore’s best work.

You don’t really need to have read The Courtyard or Neonomicon, but I would anyway. There’s a few who have their criticisms of both those books, but I think they are great - very unsettling.

Cinema Purgatorio is also well worth it, especially at that price.


I can’t find the sale on the site, how do I get to it, any ideas?

I never read Uber, I’m thinking of picking that up.


This link should help. All you really need to do though is add the code ‘avatar17’ at the checkout and it reduces all the prices by 70%.

As for Uber I’m a big fan, well worth reading.


Smashing - cheers Gar


Didn’t realise it’s the whole line - there’s an awful lot to recommend in there.

Best place to start is the books already named above but I highly recommend ** Rover Red Charlie**

Other books I really enjoyed were

Stitched (Ennis)
Streets of Glory (Ennis)
Ignition City (Ellis)
Wolfskin (Ellis)
303 (Ennis)
Black Summer (Ellis)
Chronicles of Wormwood (Ennis)
Doktor Sleepless (Ellis)
Ennis issues of Crossed
Black Gas (Ellis)
Code Pru (which ties into Cinema Purgatorio -Ennis)
Gravel (Ellis)

All good shit.

Top of the tree though is Providence, The Courtyard, Neonomicon, Cinema Purgatorio & Rover Red Charlie.


Hell, yeah. Everyone should read that first Ennis/ Burrows Crossed series. It’s an amazing piece of work; one of the best things Garth has done in ages.


My missus always finds it funny that Garth did Crossed. And then later wrote Stitched. Do you think he was taking the piss?


To carry on the Ennis theme I notice the first two War Stories collections (the Ines originally published by DC) are there too.

Some cracking stories featuring some classic British artists.


And Caliban.

Caliban is a brilliant sci-fi horror.


Caliban is great - just realised I hadn’t put that on the list!


I picked up: The Courtyard; Neonomican; Providence; Cinema Purgatorio; Code Pru; Chronicles of Wormwood - The Last Battle; and, Red Rover Charlie. All for a little under £30. Cool beans!


I nabbed Providence, the new War Stories and Aetheric Mechanics.

I looked at some others but the art…it hurt my eyes i’m afraid.

I can recommend Ignition City, i bought that in floppies back in the day, the are isn’t too bad…


What. The. Hell. Did. I. Just. Read. ?.

Hiding out in my room, the wife was at the gym, and the kids were downstairs watching rubbish on TV; I just read The Courtyard and Neonomicon back to back.

What a creepy, horrific read. But, incredibly gripping. I couldn’t look away.

And, it had a bizarre physical effect on me. I’ve got this odd headache, and can feel the tension in my shoulders.

Okay. Most of that is DOMS from yesterday night, but it’s still an uncomfortable read.

I’m off to watch the Care Bears or something now before calling it a night :flushed:


I always thought that The Neonomicon would make a great True Detective series.



Be really interesting to read how you get on with them.


Ah, I posted too quick.

Your comments about The Courtyard and Neonomicon…

It’s funnny, I felt similar after I read both of these.

This is why it annoys me when they are dismissed as a pay check book for Moore (especially as I don’t think Avatar is where you go if you want a pay check, not when you are the most worshipped comic book writer of all time and could work literally anywhere you wanted.

Both of these books gripped me and I felt incredibly ‘off’ after having read them. Like really strange and affected. I know everyone talks about the shagging scene, but for me there were a lot of really bizarre, unsettling subtle moments, I felt like I was part of the story in a way.

It looks like you enjoyed them, which I’m glad of.
I do think it’s a rather unique experience and an extremely underrated, or less talked about one at that.


I think the ‘pay check’ comments come from Moore saying he needed to pay a tax bill. It needs a bit of context though as he was spending several years writing an incredibly long novel. That’s different to just turning out any old junk for some money. As you say he could just have done a Batman comic and earned ten times as much.