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I mean, I’m not going to throw stones or anything…


In all fairness, I’m probably more likely to be the evil, manipulative one in the family.




New Humble Bundle includes volume 1 each of Faith, Bloodshot Reborn and Jughead, Love is Love, Your Black Friend and lots more


Did everyone’s Kindle purchases transfer over to Comixology in the end? As I mentioned before, I was told it should take no longer than 72 hours after the initial account merge.


Yeah. Mine did. Not exactly sure how long it took, but I checked at around 71 hours last night and it hadn’t happened. When I checked again this morning it was all sorted. So, yeah, 72 hours or so seems to be about right.


Comixology have got a huge Scott Snyder sale on at the mo. All his Batman, Swamp Thing, Superman, The Wake, American Vampire, and a few other bits & pieces. I’ve literally read all of this. There’s some cracking stuff here, if you haven’t done likewise.

I highly recommend his Detective Comics run for starters, and American Vampire which is awesome - just really good fun. Batman is great too, but has it’s ups & downs over the multi-book run.


Humble Bundle are doing a Boom Studios thing at the moment.

It is probably worth it for the Irredeemable volumes…


FCBD 2017: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - I discovered this on ComiXology last week. It had a preview of both the new Guardians and Defenders books. Both were fun reads with great art and intriguing plots. There seems to be some effort to tie them more closely with their respective film and TV properties. I might check these out once they hit trade.


FYI all

There’s a linewide Vertigo sale on at ComiXology.

Just type VERTIGO in at checkout for 60%

It does appear to be the entire line which means some of the best comics ever made.

If you’ve always meant to check out Preacher, Y The Last Man, Shade the Changing Man or Seaguy, now’s a good time to do it.


Did anyone read The Lost Boys mini? Tempted to get that in the sale. How does it read as a sequel to the movie?


I have the floppies, I read the first couple then decided to wait for the rest to come out and read them altogether because I wasn’t following what was happening.

My early impressions of it was that it was paying fan service, like covering a checklist of key moments from the original movie and paying a homage to them. But I do really like Seeley as a writer so I’m hoping he’s actually done something with the opportunity to write a sequel and not just phoned it in - he did profess his love for the movie so I’ve got to hope that it was a decent effort.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, it’s just that I also bought it in trade and I’m going to just wait for that to arrive and read it in one go.


That’s kind of what I feared. I may still take a punt on it anyway. The movie’s a fave of mine too.


Like the Image one a few weeks back, IDW have a 55% off Comixology sale when you use the code IDW17:

I picked up the first volume of Walt Simonson’s Ragnorak for €2.70.


Amazing. Picked up the second big Eastman/Laird TMNT ‘ultimate collection’ book and Ragnarok v.1 for £5.17 in total! Cheers Paul.


The new Humble Bundle is Jack Kirby and Will Eisner books and ephemera:


Another line-wide sale, this time 50% off Dark Horse with code DH17:

Any recommendations?


I never picked up the Moebius Library: The World of Edena hardcover when it came out, but with that code I can get a digital copy for £8.75. Worth it, anyone? Moebius’ artwork tends to work well in digital for me.


It’s a work that started out as an internal project for Citreon and kind of kept going spread over several years. It’s also somewhat linked to his exploration of natural diet. The artwork is beautiful. So it is quite quirky and quite Moebius. If you like his other work, you would probably like it. I did.


The next of the SDCC sales is up on Comixology - BOGOF on DC, including Rebirth titles (for the first time)!

It’s going to be an expensive week. I already spent £42 on Dark Horse stuff yesterday!