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I started his punisher run but I thought it was pretty unremarkable and gave up after 3 issues.

However, I’ve picked up the trades in a comiXology sale a while back as I do love the character and I will read it some day.

Same for Cloonan’s run which didn’t start well despite Dillon’s art, I’ll be picking that up in a sale when it appears also.


After you merge your Kindle and Comixology accounts, where do you find your Kindle books in the App? I’m stumped :flushed:


I couldn’t find mine either, when I looked at the fine print it says some may port across but not all. :unamused:


It can take up to 72 hours for Kindle purchases to show up in the Comixology app when you first merge the accounts.

I merged on Friday evening and they hadn’t transferred by Sunday so I contacted Comixology for help. They got back to me saying they would look into it if it still hadn’t transferred after 72 hours, but by Monday night my purchases were all showing up in the app.


That’s a bit douchie. I wonder if the the sale items are all ones that don’t port.

My brother (@ender0284) has been doing this for a while. I’ll ask him if he does anything different.


The ones that transfer across should be marked ‘Kindle + Comixology’ in the format details on the Amazon listing. All the ones I bought transferred in the end.

Now when I buy something on Kindle it shows up on the Comixology app within five or ten minutes.


[quote=“RonnieM, post:1171, topic:86, full:true”]

That’s a bit douchie. I wonder if the the sale items are all ones that don’t port.
[/quote]I think most of them do, I think the initial merge can just take a while.


That makes sense. It seems like there was something similar when the ability to merge comics from the Marvel app happened.


Hmm the one I bought says Kindle and Comixology, 31 hours later from the confirmation email there’s no sign in the app.


Thanks, guys. I’ll just wait and see what happens in the next few days. Fingers crossed!


Yeah, I was similarly concerned but after a few days they showed up.

One thing that I have seen recommended as part of the sync is to uninstall and then reinstall the app, but in my case it did nothing.

If they’re still not there after another day I would contact Comixology, I got a very quick and helpful response.


I’ve had my account merged for ages and all of my purchases show up immediately.
Go on Smart Lists and there should be a section for your Kindle purchases.


Yes, this is just about the initial sync that can take a few days to go through. After that it’s pretty much immediate when you make a new purchase.


By the way @RonnieM, you were asking about the new Gamora series. I’ve read the first issue now but can’t remember which thread you were asking about it in, so I’ll just leave my thoughts here.

The issue was okay, but felt empty by the end and I can’t say that I have any real desire to read on (so wasn’t I stupid when I grabbed the first four issues in that sale) despite the nice art (which is the book’s biggest strength). I like how it seems to add a few extra details to the universe (possibly a new location, and maybe a new piece of technology too) but I’m not familiar with Marvel Cosmic so maybe this isn’t new at all.
My biggest problem is that none of the characters are likeable. I love Gamora in the Guardians movies, but this series is an origin and she’s just an awful person with no redemption on the horizon. Her mission here seems to be driven by personal hatred. When the only other characters we get to hang on to are Nebula and Thanos, there’s not really anyone here to root for and there isn’t enough interesting storytelling or visual razzledazzle for me to really care.
I’ll guess I’ll read the rest of what I bought, but I won’t be rushing to do so, which is why I wanted to let you know about #1 as it is.
I hope this helped.


Thanks, Ross. It doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.


I’m not sure if I’d be much help here. I read everything in the Kindle app so I port stuff the other way. I’m not real sure how to bring things from Kindle to Comixology.


Ah, that’s right. That’s what you had said before.

It should just be available in both but it sounds like there are either issues or at least time lag issues.


Also, why does my name say “The cool brother” next to it? Is that your doing?


Nope. Someone changed it after I added my own title to your name. :wink:


If you’re Ender, doesn’t that mean that @ronnieM is the evil, manipulative brother…(it’s a while since I read that book)?