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Oh. Dang it. I had no idea he’d written another Spidey book. Oh well.


Easy mistake to make. Not many people talk about Spectacular these days. And #27 was drawn by Buckingham too, and is a superb “done in one” if you’ve never read it.


Vikram speaks the truth.


I noticed that the pre-order of Reborn is only 3 quid.


along with Reborn and Empress I picked up vols 1 and 3 of miricle-man. Sadly vol 2 does not appear to be discounted.
(I’m looking for stuff that is not on Unlimited, or is just so, damn, good,)


These sales are probably devastating for creators. I don’t know why they’re happening. This is a bit of a scandal.


I suppose it depends which way you look at it. Lots of people are buying books that they probably wouldn’t have paid for if the prices had been much higher. You have to hope that that is offsetting the sales that they’re losing from people who were planning to buy them anyway but would have paid more for them.

It is surprising that some of the offers are for relatively recent books, though. You would have thought the price cuts would maybe kick in after a certain period of time, and wouldn’t be so steep.

For example, the second volume of The Vision only came out six months ago, and it’s £1.80. For a six-issue trade (and the first volume is the same, so you can get the entire series for £3.60). That’s 30p an issue, cheaper than even the most generous Comixology sales, and for a book that’s been pretty high-profile and well-reviewed.

I think there’s probably a balance to be struck somewhere in the middle. There is a risk with these Amazon prices that the product itself is devalued in the eyes of customers. Will anyone pay full-price for digital comics when offers like this are being made?

(I guess the answer is yes - I still buy some issues full-price on day of release, and pay more for a single one than I’m paying for some of these collections - but it’s creating a much broader spectrum of pricing than we’ve been used to even from the Comixology sales.)


(Part of me wonders whether it’s a deliberate drive by Amazon to push people into merging their Amazon and Comixology accounts, to read stuff on Comixology that they’ve bought on Kindle. But this would be a pretty drastic way to do it: they could easily force people to do it, although that might create a bit of pushback.)


On the other hand, have you noticed that Comixology have adopted a strange new policy when it comes to their sales? Where they’ll charge 99c for 5 issues of a 6 issue mini, and keep the final issue at $1.99. In some cases, I’ve noticed they actually bump up the regular price of that last issue, so that the 50% discount still earns them more than 99c. Frustrating, more than anything else.


Lots of sales - like the recent Image line-wide ones - have exceptions for books that have only just come out within the last month or two, so sometimes the most recent issue of a title will still be full-price even if the others are slashed.

And even when the discount is applicable, some comics have a standard drop in price after a set period of time, which might account for the higher price for the final issue.


Yeah, but this is happening on some older stuff too, where that rationale shouldn’t apply.

Red Team: Double Tap #8 (of 9) and James Bond: Hammerhead #6 (of 6) both originally came out on the same day in March. The former is now £1.49 on Comixology; the latter is still £2.49. Both books are by Dynamite, with no differences in page count or original on sale price.

The exact same thing happened with the Before Watchmen sale last year - all the final issues of the books had “inflated” prices. And those came out years ago.


Oh, I hadn’t seen that with older stuff. Yeah, that’s a bit cheeky if so.


I suspect it might be as I am now in the process of doing that.

I agree with Jim these super low Kindle prices are not good for creators. I suspect they won’t last very long though, Comixology sales are typically just half price and you do see the books fly up their best seller list when they are so there’s a good chance they don’t miss out much on those at the back end as the volume is higher (which is typical standard market behaviour with sales).


Even if they don’t last long they’re already training customers to wait for sales. Effectively they’ve trained the market that the price for a single issue is 99c and $4 for a trade. A 75% discount on retail price. This is like training customers to buy the digital singles of the songs they like rather than a full album. Comic revenues are about to take a tumble. The digital revolution has been limited to date as sales have typically been focused and sporadic, utilizing decades of back issue inventory. This latest sale has caught everyone’s attention as it’s something different.


At the moment though we don’t really have any idea what this Kindle thing is. The prices just suddenly appeared super cheap last week. Is that permanent? A one off? Once a quarter? It could even be an error but probably not as it’s still there.

Definitely if they are regularly or permanently dropping trades to these prices, even on new and pre-releases it is potentially huge and harmful.


It is odd that Amazon aren’t advertising it particularly or even billing it as a special sale. If it was time-limited you would think there would be some kind of specific promotion attached to it.

I guess it is in their interests to get readers over to digital as they control the infrastructure, and maybe they don’t care how much they affect the market in the process.

It is interesting though that it is only Marvel titles that seem to be affected. Presumably a lot of which you can already get on the Unlimited app (which is already an incredibly low-priced way to read this material).


It does seem to be Marvel. Older stuff mainly too, I see World War Hulk, original Old Man Logan and Infinity Gauntlet on the silly prices of under 2 quid but recent Hawkeye and Vision still cheap but double the price.

I am inclined to think the Reborn entry may be an error as the rest of Millar’s Image stuff is around the $10 or higher region (and others from Image like Kill or Be Killed).


The Vision trades were £1.80 each when I bought the second one, and the Black Widow collection was only £2.52.

Interestingly though I just checked and the Vision collections have now shot up to £4.50 apiece, Black Widow v.2 is now £6.30, and Moon Knight v.2 is £5.40 (it was £2.16 when I bought it).

Empress is now £8.40.

So I’m wondering whether the ultra-low prices were maybe an error of some kind.


Maybe on the newer stuff. It could have been Marvel instructed them to drop on older titles and they included the new ones too which they’ve now adjusted.


Reborn shouldn’t be in there, and I doubt any of the Icon books should be in this either.

Retailers I imagine are going to be pretty irked by this. Amazon once again tanking the market like the pariah they are.