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The nice thing for Amazon and Comixology users is that Kindle purchases translate to Comixology, and these prices are dirt cheap even compared to Comixology sale rates.

(Kindle is OK but I prefer the reading experience on Comixology, and I like having all my digital stuff in one place as far as possible.)


I have a question regarding prices on Comixology:

Example: For a 2.99 USD DC/Marvel comic, over Comixology website I’m asked to pay 2.69 EUR, while on DC/Marvel iPad/iPhone APPs the same comic costs 3.49 EUR.

Does anyone know why there is such a difference?


That’s weird. Are you talking about the DC/Marvel branded ComiXology apps or another app entirely?


I don’t think you can actually buy on iPad anymore but regardless with all this web based stuff you need to play the game and shop around. I found a book on the US version of Book Depository that was far cheaper than the UK version (despite the fact that it is a UK based company and they post the books from the same place).

As exchange rates move I have started buying more comics from the UK version of Comixology as they are better value.


Comixology stopped the ability to buy on Apple products as they saw the comic sales the same as app sales and wanted 30% of the revenue.


The Comixology app doesn’t let you buy on there any more, but the individual Marvel/DC apps do.


I wonder if they lose many sales by not allowing purchases on the Apple app. I quite often buy something on a whim when I see it while browsing on the Android version of the app.


Probably I’d say not enough to make it an issue. They’ve had time enough to backtrack if it lost them money.

I’m on Android and I buy almost everything on the website as it is easier to navigate and has better deals.


I’m talking about the DC or Marvel apps. (I know the Comixology app doesn’t allow us to buy comics anymore so I use from time to time the DC or Marvel apps)

I know that the change was done recently but I don’t understand why it changed so much (it’s almost an Euro more)


Maybe that’s the reason for the increase in DC and Marvel apps. To continue to allow to buy comics, but to not lose those 30%…

But I think a warning or some news to confirm this would been good.

Still most of the time I only use DC / Marvel apps for redeemed comics.


I think the sales that they lose would be incidental sales like buying a pack of gum at the check out and therefore difficult to track what they’re missing out on. I’ve always used the website for purchasing anyway. They’ve fleshed out some of the other functions that were initially hobbled when they removed the purchase option. So it’s fairly robust except for the ability to purchase directly from the app now.

The DC and Marvel apps are just branded ComiXology apps. You can download all the material you purchase in those two within the normal ComiXology app. I would assume the increase is to cover the extra cost of allowing in-app purchases.


Are the deals not the same on the app and on the website?

I mostly use the website for purchasing anyway, but I didn’t know there was a difference.


Sales that require a voucher code (like the recent Image one) can’t be done on the app, IIRC.


Not entirely, even with Android they apply certain price controls and restrictions that they can get around on the web. Pretty much everything you see on the ‘sales’ page applies to the app but everything with a code, like the recent Image big sale, is web only.


Ah, ok.


This Kindle price reduction on Marvel stuff is bizarre. Insane prices across the board.

I just picked up Aaron’s Unworthy Thor and Millar’s Empress for something like £5.5.

And, because I was a new Kindle user, I got a £3 credit voucher from Amazon; so, in reality, I got both books for £2.50. Crazy!


Yeah, the Kindle prices are crazy. I picked up Edmondson’s Punisher run because I’ve been reading (and enjoying) The Activity and I’m expecting him to similarly deliver the goods here. Has anybody here read this run? If so, I’d be interested to know what you thought.


Didn’t realise that Empress was on cheap. I’ve grabbed that and the second volume of Waid and Samnee’s Black Widow.


Great idea Mister Wallace! I think I’ll do the same.
Are there any other good Marvel books that we might be forgetting?

Comixology are having a sale on that Paul Jenkins Spider-Man book that everyone seems to remember so fondly by the way.


Not really. The fondly remembered one is Peter Parker, with Mark Buckingham. The sale is on Jenkins’ Spectacular run with Humberto Ramos. Good, but not as beloved, and rightly so.