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Yes! Anniversary of the 1926 General Strike! Keep the Red Flag flying, comrade!


Comixology users, it’s worth checking your e-mails for an account-specific code that gives you 70% off your next Image Comics purchase. (So older issues at £1.49 become £0.45, and newer ones at £1.99 become £0.60).

I just used it to get up to date on Moonshine, Injection, Paper Girls and Reborn - 11 issues in total - and it cost me a fiver, which is a great deal.

It can be used on all but the most recent issues from the past week or two.


It’s an amazing deal. I just caught up with some issues and tried the Birthright trades (for less than $2 each) as I’ve always liked Williamson’s writing.

There’s some amazing trade deals there. You can get 20 volumes of Spawn for $30 if anyone fancies a long read of 200+ issues. :smile:


If you like Williamson I recommend Nailbiter if you have not read it already. Dunno if that’s on the sale?


Cheers Chris, and the answer is everything Image have ever released is on sale. Presumably everyone here will have read them but all Millar’s minis with them are available for as low as $1.20.


A word of warning though, it’s a single-use code, so have a good look and make sure you’ve got everything you want in your basket before you use it.


Spent more than I should on that 70% off sale. Picked up Huck for £1.20; five issues of Reborn for 45p each; and a bunch of other stuff too. My Comixology “to read” pile is in the thousands now. No joke :flushed:


I thought my “to read” pile was bad. :wink:


Lol! Bear in mind that’s just my digital to read pile. I’ve got several thousand comics, and a few hundred trades/ hardcovers that I haven’t read yet either :roll_eyes:


I also have a very understanding wife.


I think most of us here on Millarworld that are married do. :wink:


Stop buying and get reading!


So I’m putting together my cart for the Image sale. So far I have:

Black Science Vol. 2 - I want to like this book. So I’ll give it another shot.

Extremity #1 - I love Space Mullet and wanted to give at least the first issue a shot.

Alpha King #1-3 - 3 Floyds is probably my favorite brewery. This book seems to be a bit of a vanity project but I can’t help but give it a try. It has Azzarello co-writing and Simon Bisley on art. So it can’t be all bad.

So far my cart is at $6 for all of that. I feel like there’s something I wanted to give a shot that I’m forgetting about. So I haven’t closed out my transaction yet.


Paper Girls? Black Monday Murders? Moonshine? Umm, whatever Lemire has done at Image recently?
I’m just throwing ideas out. I’m not sure which recent Image stuff you’ve actually read (besides Millarworld books, of course).

Tokyo Ghost!?


Ya, I’ve already read everything Millarworld. I’ve dipped my toe in some of the others and wasn’t really interested. I have the first trade of Tokyo Ghost to read from a previous sale that I need to get to. Thanks for the recommendations though.


Descender, it’s very good. Stunning watercolour art from Dustin Nguyen.


The Black Beetle #0 & #1-4, by Francesco Francavilla, from Dark Horse Comics.

This was great fun. An original creation by Francavilla, the Black Beetle is a pulp hero in the vein of The Shadow.

Francavilla both writes and draws this series, and it’s wonderful on both counts. Immediately engrossing, and beautiful to look at.

The zero issue collects a short 3 part story from DHP, featuring jet pack nazis searching for a mystical doohickey in Colt City.

The main mini-series features the Beetle’s investigation into a mysterious explosion that killed both sides of a gang war.

I really enjoyed this, and I highly recommend it for those of you who like the pulp heroes too.


Deadly Class? Seven to Eternity? Kill or Be Killed? I Hate Fairyland? Injection?



So I finally pulled the trigger on my Image sale cart. Here’s what I ended up with all for a little under $7.

Alpha King #1 - I love 3 Floyds but would prefer to give it a chance to wow me rather than be too disappointed to leave issues unread.

Black Science Vol. 2 - Hopefully I feel a little more endeared to the characters through this volume as I really love the concept.

Extremity #1 - Hopefully this is another Daniel Warren Johnson gem.

Descender Vol. 1 - Well worth a $1.20 try even if it still doesn’t click with me. I really like Nguyen and want to like this book.

Spawn #12 & 13 - I’m a bit nostalgic for this series after all the talk last week but only about two issues worth I think. These are the issues that reveal who killed Al with the Chapel/Youngblood guest appearance.


Aw, I should have grabbed all the Todd-drawn issues (# 1-15. I have them in paper form already).