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Comixology Unlimited has an Image special going on now - I read the entirety of Brubakers “The Fade Out”. Really great noir about old timey Hollywood.


Huck is on sale as part of the latest Comixology Image Spotlight sale: the collected edition is just £3.99.


I’ve been SLOWLLY going through issues of Crossed that I find online. I’m about a third of the way through Badlands at the moment… DAMN what a bummer of a series, yet I can’t stop reading. Truly horrifying stuff that sticks with me long after I’ve read it (parents getting raped in front of their kids, husbands having to give their wives up to sexual slavery in exchange for survival, babies getting ripped open, etc) but, like I said - I can’t stop reading. It’s much better in small doses (1-3 issues a day),I’ve found.


Black Science, Vol. 1: How to Fall Forever - I picked this up in an Image ComiXology sale a while back. I mentioned some of my feelings in another thread. There’s a lot to like here. Matteo Scalera’s art is unique and phenomenal. The punk rock, anarchist scientist dabbling in things he doesn’t understand is a great premise. Where it really loses me is that the protagonist is a complete asshole and dies at the end of this volume. So he doesn’t really get a chance to redeem himself. Though I’ve heard things might not be as the seem. So I wouldn’t naturally be inclined to continue but might give the next volume a shot if I catch it on sale due to the reviews here.


I stuck with Crossed for a long time (over 100 issues) but cut it off last year.

I’m not put off by the gore or depravity (heck, I love it), but often the arcs didn’t really offer anything of substance; quite a few had no payoff at all so I got bored of it.


Agree. I really liked the “Thin Red Line” arc in Badlands…it was the closest thing we’ll get to an origin of how the virus started.


He’s not dead :wink: The series is Grant’s redemption story. Remember my saying this book never goes where you think it’s going to go? The weird shit has only just started.


I keep meaning to do a big re-read, but at the same time it seems like a weird thing to do…


I never read any Crossed if it wasn’t by Ennis. The distinct impression I got from solicits and occasional “Byrne steals” was that other writers tended to focus on the blood, gore and depravity at the expense of character. That’s not at all why I read the book.

Apparently there’s one final Ennis Crossed arc out there. It was supposed to start in #100. Will be really disappointed if that never sees the light of day.


I liked Si Spurrier’s webcomic with the colony trapped on a remote Scottish island.

I found that to be in the spirit of the original, David Lapham’s stuff dwelt a bit too much on just the nastiness for me.


Yeah, some were quite clearly pure torture porn. There was one arc set in a comic book shop that was particularly… bad.


Black Science gets better. Some arcs are better than others definitely and it was my least favourite of Deadly Class, Low, Tokyo Ghost, etc - but after volume 4 and 5 that has probably changed.

Volume 4 is particularly special.

I’m not saying you need to read until volume 4 until it gets good, but it took until that point to really win me over. I’d note on the protagonist side that the series really takes a lot of twists and turns.


Yes, great pick. That was my first foray into the Crossed-verse. It was pretty shocking to me, but now after reading the bulk of the other series, it’s pretty tame. It’s pretty emotionally draining.


Just got done reading that arc…yeaaaaah, that one really put the nail in the coffin for me in terms of me writing off humanity in the apocolypse…


I think #16 (the end of vol 3) is a pretty big inflexion point for the series. Paraphrasing, but Ronnie asked elsewhere if there was a point where the series suddenly took off. I think #16 is it, personally. A lot of the series to date coalesces at that point, setting up the remainder of the book. However, again, it doesn’t go where you would necessarily expect it to.

And, I’m still of the opinion that if the book wasn’t to your taste after vol 1, it’s not going to suddenly become so after any of the subsequent volumes.


Matches my thoughts almost exactly, except I’m less tolerant than you when it comes to trying the next volume :wink:


So a whole bunch of Marvel titles and trades have popped on Comixology Unlimited; very interesting development. Come on, DC, you know it makes sense!


Ya, Marvel just sent out a big announcement yesterday that they were joining ComiXology Unlimited.


Like Sam, I am only interested if DC join. They don’t seem very enthused by the model so I’m not holding my breath.


Star Wars sale on Comixology today, as apparently there’s something special about today’s date or something.