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I’m pretty sure that the only thing that was announced when Rebirth was launched was “OMGGGGG WATCHMEN!!!111”. I can’t recall anything else.


It’s been mentioned at length in the past but in practice for me the only DC books I bought before the change were $3.99, since they removed the $1 reduction but also reduced the standard price to $2.99 what I pay hasn’t changed.

It’s more noticeable for me on stuff like Vertigo where the standard price is higher. At one point their strategy seemed to be to discount Vertigo as much as they could and now it seems to be placed at a premium price. Since their sales are in the absolute toilet I can only imagine that’s not a great tactic.


Comixology have a sale on Brian Wood’s Conan the Barbarian, which I’ve been meaning to check out for ages. I’m three issues in and really enjoying it. Has anybody here read it?


Yeah. It’s a brilliant run. Very different, but very good. Did they have all 25 on sale?


They did, yeah.
At first I was only going to get the Cloonan ones but then I saw later issues were by Gianfelice, so I had to snag them too.
I have a lot of love for that first arc of Northlanders. Never read past that though…


Cool. Hope you enjoy the rest of the run too. It’s got a great selection of artists on it, and has a very poignant ending.

I’m thinking of picking up Aliens: Defiance in the same sale. Anyone checked those out yet?


Yeah ove found Alen Defience to be really good, particularly the first few issues


There’s a sale on Ghost In The Shell to coincide with the movie: all three books for £13.99 in total, or £5.49/£4.99 each:

You can also get five volumes of Stand Alone Complex for £2.99 each.

I was thinking of getting the recent deluxe editions, but £13.99 is less than it would cost for just one of those - so I may do it this way instead!


DC are running a big Rebirth sale:

What’s worth checking out? They have for 69p per issue the first batch of issues of King’s Batman and Hitch’s Justice League, as well as Superman, Flash, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Aquaman.

After comments here I’m guessing Batman and Justice League are worth a look, and maybe Superman too?


Yes. All of the ones you mention are good. Detective Comics is great fun and I quite enjoyed Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (possibly due to it not being as Hal Jordan focused as the name might suggest).

And Aquaman…It is a lot more fun than I thought it would be (as someone who has zero nostalgic interest in Aquaman).


Marvel are bringing back their free digital copies:


Decent Moon Knight sale on at the moment.

I’m tempted by the Epic Collections. And I seem to remember hearing good things about the current series too - worth picking up that first collection for £2.99?


Yes the latest Moon Knight run is excellent, well worth three quid.

Lemire’s capes stuff can be hit and miss but this one is a definite hit for me.


Just saw this:

Get Heart of Empire and the Adventures of Luther Arkwright and 60,000 words of annotations from Bryan for just £3

You won’t find many better bargains than that.


I have never read Heart of Empire, but I loved Luther Arkwright (I even have the audio adaptation with David Tennant). I will definitely give this a shot.


Heart of Empire is the direct sequel, more of the same Simon so you should love that too.


I read Heart of Empire a few years ago, and there’s loads of it that feels like very heavy-handed parallels to Occupy Wall Street, the 1%, etc, except that it was written a decade before all of that.


Done :slight_smile:


My biggest complaint (and to be honest a minor one) with HoE was the colouring. I felt it should have stuck with the detailed black-and-white art of Luthor Arkwright. So just the chance to see un-coloured pencils and inks makes this worth the money.


That’s what you got with American publishers at the time. I think they are more flexible now and accepting that black and white comics or different formats are okay. Hell it never stopped Robert Kirkman becoming a multi-millionaire.