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Comixology Unlimited added Vol’s 2 and 3 of Alex + Ada, so I’m in the middle of them right now.

Vol 2 takes the story into a place I didn’t predict, but I’m on board. This is a great story and I like Luna’s pacing.

For the uninitiated, the basic premise of the story is a man recieves an lifelike female android as a gift from his grandmother (who uses her much younger male android as a sex bot). The main character struggles with his attraction to his android and struggles with “unlocking” her mind to give her sentience. The story goes from there.


I really enjoyed Alex + Ada. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts after you finish it.


Are there only the 3 volumes?


Yep, it only ran for 15 issues.


Thanks for the heads up. CU does a terrible job of showing off what it has. I’d never have known vols 2&3 were available.


Just finished it. Beautiful, brutal book. Still processing everything.


So, some comics will impress me because they speak to my mind, or my visceral, action loving inner child, but Alex+Ada really gets into my heart. I think I see some of myself (or who I would like to THINK I am) in Alex.

This book just GETS me, I really cannot explain it. I will definitely buy it in collected form and it will be something I will return to often.


Rodd Racer - I had this in my wish list on ComiXology for a while as something that look interesting to me and finally picked it up during the last Image sale. It’s an album sized story from creator Toby Cypress that explores a high stakes auto race called Thunder Alley Rally. The main attraction here is Cypress’ excellent black and white pencils. They are reminiscent of Paul Pope and Sean Murphy who seem to have similar fascinates with cars, motorcycles and racing. If you’re into any of those things, I would recommend this book as a short, fun read.


New Humble Bundle is creator-owned comics published by IDW. Includes The Maxx, Wynona Earp, 30 Days of Night, Parker, Little Nemo, and William Gibson’s Archangel


Old Man Logan on sale - from $14.99 to $4.99:


Rachel Rising is on sale, the full whack for 20 bucks

Definitely in my top 10 for the last 10 years, if not top 5


I spent all afternoon today doing my quarterly (approx) comic book bag & box - sorting my bedside pile into read/ not read, and boxing them up. Total fraggin’ waste of time, it was - took me bloody ages!

The reality is I’ve just got too many bloody comics, too many TPB’s and too many HC’s. The wife’s great about it. She rarely ever gives me stick about this, and actively encourages me to buy physical over digital.

But, you know what. I’ve got to that age where my time’s just too precious to mess around with so many physical comics. Digital is just so much more convenient.

If the folks at my local weren’t like family to me, I’d go completely digital tomorrow. As it is, I’ve decided that with the exception of my DC collection, I’ll be going digital on all new series, and actively phasing out my current non-DC books.

The cost savings are a nice bonus, of course.


The next step is to be honest with yourself and sell off the physical stuff that you realistically are not going to read again.


The Logan sale on Comixology is huge. I just bought way too much. They have X-Men Supernovas by Carey that I couldn’t resist, not to mention plenty of Gambit for those that love him. @RonnieM Feel the love. :wink:
Plus y’know, there are plenty of Wolverine comics on sale too, but it’s the huge selection of scattershot X-Men stuff that got me interested.
Mutant Genesis 2.0 looks much the same as the original, except actually readable. Nearly a fiver is probably too much to ask from me though. I think I’ll just carry on with my non-digital trade of Nextwave instead.


Which is of course the correct answer. Six points to Gryffindor.


I’ve found that an issue of Global Frequency followed by an issue of Nextwave makes for a pretty fun double bill.


There is a bug in this forum. I cannot <3 the above post twice.


Is DC’s decision not to reduce the digital price of it’s Rebirth (and Young Animal) titles impacting sales?

It has almost been a year now, and other than the odd promo sale, prices are still the same as they were on the day of release.

I would probably be buying 9 or 10 more ongoing DC titles a month (many of which ship twice a month), if they had kept the $1 reduction. In that sort of volume I can’t afford to pay full price for them all, so have to be far more selective.



Hmm. I hadn’t even paid attention as I buy what I want to read day-and-date. I’m surprised @garjones hasn’t mentioned this before.


I’m sure we did mention it, it was announced when Rebirth was first launched wasn’t it?

Edit: ah, here we are: