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I had just come here to post the link to the free Iron Fist trade.


Marvel are getting rid of the digital back-up codes in their books:

They won’t be reducing the prices, of course.


I just read that too. The wording, however, is really unclear. The article alludes to it being a replacement, but Marvel’s press release excerpts talk about “additional digital content”. So I’m less than clear about what’s happening.

Edit #1 - the Marvel guy quoted in the article does say it’s a “replacement” program, which does imply that the free digital copies are going away.

Edit #2 - I don’t have much skin in the game as I don’t buy many Marvel titles anymore, but this offering a first issue taster to promote a current TPB idea just seems like a complete waste of time. Anyone still buying a Marvel monthly will probably either have already read the issue in question or have already made up their minds on whether they want to buy the TPB. I seriously doubt this is going to change anyone’s minds.


A while back I read the first Valerian trade and didn’t really care for it. At the time, someone mentioned that they could see why and that things got better at a certain point. Could that person please remind me where that point was? There’s a sale of all the Valerian trades on ComiXology right now. :wink:


I can remember sending you this review of a later volume. Was this it?


By the way, the current Humble Bundle has a ton of first issues and first volumes for the Image 25th anniversary. Definitely worth a look.


The ninth volume seemed to be the one I remembered. Thanks, Ross.


9-10 is the first two-parter that draws together a whole bundle of stuff, with another 2-parter following.

It’s OK, I can’t say I ever got to the end of an V&L album and thought it was crap, but neither did I feel it was excellent.


Valiant Humble Bundle stuff. Wahey!


Image have a great discount running on Comixology today in honour of their 25th anniversary. It’s a blanket code that can be used across their range by those with a Comixology account. I’ve used it to pick up a few issues that I missed first time around, and they cost 60p each - even cheaper than the usual sales.


Huh, did you get an email or something? I don’t see anything on the site.


It was an email for me.


Yep, e-mail. Unfortunately I think the codes are unique or I would post it.


Currently knee deep in “Bitch Planet” on Comixology. Intruiged.
Penny’s a fantastic character.


I need to catch up on that. Seems like it’s another title that’s been hit by the writer being busy with TV work though; there’s only been two issues in the last year.


Purchased, the RPG stuff alone was worth the $15.


Cape Horn Book 1: The Eastern-Facing Bay - I picked this up some time ago in a ComiXology digital sale. I like Humanoids as a publisher. Their art tends to be very good and I like the album format as it tells a fairly complete story in a single volume that continues into a larger story. This book definitely wasn’t my cup of tea. The art was to Humanoids standards but the story seemed to pick up somewhere in the middle and not have anywhere near a satisfying conclusion. The subject matter was a bit dry on top of that. I’ll continue to explore their catalog but doubt I’ll try anything in this series again.


Having read the quartet some years back, I found it to be a good piece of work of change affecting ways of life but did read it all as a piece.


Snapped up Planetary (Vols 1-4) in the Warren Ellis Comixology sale. I already have the first two and Crossing Worlds in TPB form, but they were AU$8 each, well worth it.

Also because it looked like a good deal I got the full Box Office Poison book. Been reading that the past few nights; about halfway through.


I really loved that book but couldn’t read it for the longest time once I started to have nightmares about my then bookselling job. A friend recommended it to me because one of the characters so reminded him of me. It’s pretty dead on about the bookselling business. I really love the one page interludes of customer questions (which are surprisingly accurate).

I met Robinson at a con once and asked him if he actually worked at a book store. He said yes but had quit near the end of the book and was therefore running out of material.