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It is, I love Zombo, so crazily daft.


That’s one of those comics from England, right? I know they drive on a different side of the road over there. So do they read from right to left or left to right? :wink:

Just joking. Thanks for the find, Gar. I’ll definitely check this out later.

I’d be curious what other people coming fresh to this would think. I tried reading it not long ago and only made it to Phase 3, I think. It just really didn’t seem to hold up to me as most of the ideas to me were ones that Morrison has been flogging ever since then.

Note: Spoilered so as not to color anyone’s opinion who wants to come in cold.


Morrison is very guilty of returning to similar themes in his work. I read Zenith first which likely gives a different perspective.

Knowing your like for the Incal books Ronnie if I had to pick one for you from there it would probably be Brass Sun.


Ya. I realize I was at a disadvantage coming to it late.

Thanks, Gar. I’ll definitely check that out.


Oh and I have no memory of the story but Missionary Man is the first mainstream work from Frank Quitely (before that he only worked on a Scottish indie comic).


So I got a chance to read a couple books I picked up in the ComiXology Black Friday sale.

Ether #1 - I had originally passed on the first issue of this new Dark Horse book but saw it for 99¢ and thought I’d give it a swing. It wasn’t bad. The story is a bit of a magic is advanced science/advanced science is magic tale wrapped around what looks to be a whodunit type mystery. There is a reveal at the end that hints at other themes to me taken on as well. The art and concept were fun but ultimately I don’t think it was my cup of tea.

Officer Downe - Ever since seeing the film trailer and @BenObiwomble’s recommendation , I’ve been interested in giving this book a shot. It is pure, over-the-top, balls-to-the-wall action reminiscent of an even more amped up Robocop or Miller and Darrow’s Hard Boiled without the existential bits. The only problem with the book is that it seems to end in the middle. I think this concept has a lot of promise for a film.


So I looked through the offerings and am likely going to give Brass Sun a shot. What’s the pitch on Zombo? I seem to remember a lot of love for it here.


Also, Valiant is having a linewide sale on ComiXology until tomorrow.

It seems like there was a Valiant book that was recently option for a TV series or film that I was interested in. I do remember that it was one of their more esoteric books possibly not connected to the main continuity but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. That sound familiar to anyone?

Edit: Found it. The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Anyone read it?


Death-Defying Doctor Mirage is really good.

Speaking of Valiant and digital comics, Scribd announced today that they’re removing comics from their Unlimited service at the end of the year, so I need to find some other way to read all their comics, plus some random Marvel bits and other stuff for €8 per month.


OK. I downloaded Brass Sun. I’ll let you know how I get on with it. By the way, Rebellions pdf files are huge, an order of magnitude larger than ComiXology files.


Zombo is like an absurdly over the top action film, with the emphasis on the absurd.


I’ve been reading the Kyle/ Yost X-Force run on MU recently. I’ve just got to the end of “Messiah War”. It’s really quite good. It’s not as accomplished as Remender’s subsequent run, but it’s got the same high octane action and pretty decent character work too. Clayton Crain’s artwork is amazing too.


Aliens: Salvation - I read this a few days ago and keep forgetting to drop a review in here. I picked up in a Dark Horse ComiXology sale even further back. The fact that it was written by @davegibbons with art by Mike Mignola was the primary draw. It was a great little tale set in the Aliens universe that obviously included the Xenomorphs. The lofty talent involved do not disappoint. I highly recommend this if you get the chance to give it a go.


Valiant and Catalyst Game Labs are doing a bundle of holding.

$6 gets you the Valiant RPG core rulebook, the Valiant 2016 handbook, and volume 1 each of Quantum and Woody, Harbinger, X-O Manowar and Archer and Armstrong.

$16.21 adds the sourcebook for the RPG, the Valiant, and Volume 1 each of The Valiant, Ivar, Timewalker, Bloodshot, Ninjak, Unity, Shadowman and Rai.

Also, the latest Humble Bundle is Neil Gaiman, mostly oddities and short stories. But also his Duran Duran book.


A couple more MU reads - ideal for the morning commute.

Spider-men #1 - 5 - this was a nice little story; the first crossover between the main Marvel universe and the Ultimate U. Peter was the perfect point of view character for this story. His meeting with his counterpart’s supporting cast was surprisingly emotional too. For some reason I had really thought Cheung was the artist on the interiors as well as the covers, but it was Sara Pichelli instead - who is no slouch, certainly, but it was a little disappointing when I realised. The contrast between the bombastic action promised by those covers vs the slow paced character work was just weird.

Ultinate End #1 - 5, on the other hand, was a waste of time. Bendis’ story was a total non-event. Some of the character interplay was fun, but the plot was completely inconsequential. Bagley’s art was the best thing about the mini. For an artist I didn’t particularly rate before, he’s become someone whose work I look forward to seeing. Just great, solid superhero art, issue after issue.


You get a chance to read Brass Sun yet @RonnieM?


Not yet. Will try to get to it over Christmas break.


New Humble Bundle is all Tsutomu Nihei manga! Pay $1 to get volume 1 of Blame! Master edition and a month’s subscription to Crunchyroll; $8 adds Blame! Master edition volume 2 and the Blame and So On spinnoff manga. $17 or more add all of Knights of Sidonia,

There are also stretch goals to add the first chapter of Nihei’s new series, a profile video, and a Humble Bundle exclusive art booklet to the $17 level, if enough people pay in.


Aaaaaaaaaall of Knights of Sidonia is a good enough deal to make me go all in.


The first trade of the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja Immortal Iron Fist is free on Comixology today, for one day only. Well worth checking out if you’ve never read it.