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Yeah I’d be the same.


Anyone had any luck trying to read MU titles on their computer/non mobile device? I just want to search like in the app and get to my library, but this thing is a bear to navigate…


It works pretty well for Infinite Comics (The X-Men 92 thing was a blast), but not so well for other stuff.


I’d go DC, and as with Marvel it’d be more for old stuff rather than anything from the past decade.


Weapons of the Metabarons - I picked this up in a Jodorowskyverse sale a while back. I have the same book in an oversized French hardcover that I had translated as I went but I’ve never finished editing the translation script. So I thought this digital copy would supplement it nicely. I was a bit disappointed. First, the art feels surprisingly compromised at this size. Travis Charest’s work looses a lot of detail even with the resolution of digital and Zoran Janejetov’s work suffers even more. The translation is pretty clunky too. There are a lot of concepts that aren’t translated well especially Alexandro Jodorowsky’s names for things that have actual meaning in French. I’m glad I still have the large, beautiful hardcover and my own translation.


Before Watchmen (and Watchmen too) is on sale at Comixology. Awfully tempted given the talent involved. Any opinions?


Just checking with a magician chap in Northhampton. Worshipper of Glycon…No. He’s not keen :smile:

Edit: But seriously, I haven’t read Before Watchmen, so can’t comment.


They’re all pretty good - the Ozymandias one is a work of art.


I couldn’t resist; I bought all of Before Watchmen yesterday before the sale finished on Comixology.

I don’t hold the original in the high esteem as many of you here, although I do admire it’s technical brilliance.

But, I just couldn’t resist: some of the final comics that will ever be drawn by Darwyn Cooke; the last comics to be written by Straczynski; artwork by Cooke, Hughes, Jae Lee, Jones, Risso, Kubert, Bermejo and Connor.


Anyone wanting to catch up with Saga, Comixology has an Image/Black Friday sale offering each of their six-issue collections for £2.99.

Loads of other volume-one TPBs (and more, in the cast of some series) in the sale for £2.49/£2.99 too.


first four issues of Before Watchmen: Ozymandias

Can Jae Lee just be hired to draw EVERYTHING?

I felt Wein’s dialogue a bit too heavy handed, but it’s a compelling series for the die hards.


I saw that. May I recommend The Fix Again for anyone who hasn’t read it. It would appeal to fans of Carl Hiassen.


I bought issue 1 when it came out and wasn’t that impressed but still picked up the next three issues as I got them cheap and wanted to like it. Just read issue 2 on the train home and the lead characters are so unlikable I’m struggling with it to be honest. I’ll read 3 and 4 though.


Fair enough. Maybe not for everyone then.


Bobby hates it so I’m in. :grinning:


A sure sign that most will enjoy it!

I can see some clever goodness in there but too many masturbation references, a dick of lead character and an ambling story took me out of the moment.


There’s loads of sales on Comixology at the moment for Black Friday stuff. Pretty much all of Dynamite, Image, Transformers and chunks of Marvel and DC.

Check it out on the website as some are web only offers.


Yeah. I bought a bunch of recent Dark Horse stuff yesterday, as well as some if the Matt Wagner Spirit and The Shadow comics. So there is some good stuff on offer.


2000ad have a decent sale on at their webshop, all DRM free.

Zenith volumes for 3 quid are a steal for those that haven’t read it.


Thanks for pointing that out Gar…Can I just put out a recommendation for Zombo? It is bat***t insane but brilliant.