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Comixology Unlimited is great .

Just finished The Fade Out by Sean Philips. Some noir is hit or miss with me, but I loved this. Even better reading at work on a huge widescreen computer - the art just pops.


But are they $5.99 per book? :wink:

I’ve put the hardcovers on my Christmas list because I really like the big editions that Humanoids does. If I don’t get them that way or happen to see them somewhere, I will probably just pick them up digitally because of the price.


Comixology currently has each volume of The Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks on sale for £2.49/$3.99 each.

That’s an insane price for that much classic material (each Masterworks contains at least ten issues).


Well, it’s like everything else, it depends where you buy from!

But The Dealer doesn’t run ops states-side. He is, however, open to a Shadow Broker role of running a network of willing and not-so-wiling agents.


Discounts in the States are generally much lower for Humanoids books and their books can actually be a bit hard to come by even when listed for order. Plus they don’t price their digital books in a way to preserve their print business, likely because their print business is miniscule here.

The cheapest price for trades in the US is usually In Stock Trades and their price is $22.46. There’s just no way that print can compete with digital that isn’t priced to protect it.


It’s very strange given they supposedly issue to the US market, unless it’s a Catch 22:

Print run is determined by sales
Sales are determined by availability and price


I guess I should have mentioned that $5.99 is the regular price on those books not the sale price.


Oh, I’m not disputing it’s a great price -especially if you have a large screen to read 'em on!


I have an iPad mini. So not so large. The colors are really amazing in digital though. :wink:

I know it’s not for everyone but I enjoy it.


If all their books are available digitally, I can do a quick hitlist of the stories I’ve enjoyed if it’ll help people find cool stuff?


That would be cool. A lot but not all of it is available. It would probably be especially pertinent for the Jodoverse stuff as they have a sale until 11pm EST.

The only thing I dislike is that they sell the books in the individual volumes instead of as a collected work. That’s not a huge deal though.


OK, then:

The Jodoverse - not for the squeamish, prudish or faint-of-heart:

  • Incal Trilogy - If you don’t tolerate metaphysical weirdness or spirituality in your stories, this ain’t for you. If you accept it as a given, it’s well worth a look.
  • Technopriests - An itriguing take on what has often been an adversary.
  • Megalex - For me the weakest part of the set.
  • Metabarons - Absolutely superb. The prequel, Castaka and Weapons Of can’t possibly equal this but are worth looking at. The new series The Metabaron feels like a true sequel to the first 8-book series.

Other Jodorowsky stories:

  • Bouncer - A set of three brutal western tales based around a one-armed gunslinger.
  • Son of the Gun - How far do you have to fall before redemption starts to look needed?
  • The White Lama - A tale of Tibetan mysticism.

Legend of the Scarlet Blades / Izuna - Supernatiral samurai tales with superb art.

The Z Word - Zombie satire, you’ll wonder why no one already did this after reading it.

El Nino - A woman searches for her brother, who may have become an infamous pirate.

Cape Horn - A turn of the century story set in South America of imperialism and change, as the western notion of exploration dies.

Mandalay - A tale of two brothers set against colonial politics and supernatural forces. Guice does the art for some of it.

Olympus - A well-spun tale by Geoff Johns and Butch Guice.

Lou Cale - A set of 5 1940s detective / journalism stories with a very distinct art style.

I Am Legion - A WW2 vampire tale with Cassaday art.

Millenium - Medieval murder mystery and crime stories set at the turn of the Millennium - 999AD.

Carthago - What happens when a new aquatic apex predator is found?

Miss Better Living Through Crime - 1920s crime series combined with inter-racial politics.


Has anyone got any recommendations of comic strips or cartoonists close to the style of Scott McCloud in his Understanding Comics books?


After the Incal - As with all Jodorowsky/Moebius collaborations, this one is equal parts brilliant and insane. It was interesting to see the different choices made with this and the collaboration with Ladronn in Final Incal. Moebius has this deceptively simple style that’s just brilliant. Beltran’s colors really made this stand out. I was worried that it wouldn’t look as nice in digital as a large format Humanoids book. However, it was pretty great in digital format and the colors really pop on the screen. This unfinished story is pretty great and a nice juxtaposition to the eventual finished story.


Read Rick Remender’s Winter Soldier - A Bitter March on MU. It was really very good. It came out during that timeframe when Rick’s Marvel work was starting to feel a little tired (e.g. Axis, Uncanny Avengers vol 2). This, however, was a fun action packed little romp. And, it also added depth to his Captain America run too. A good Sunday afternoon read.


Trees, Injection and Supreme Blue Rose are all up on sale on Comixology just now.

All WELL worth a read for anyone even remotely curious about what Ellis has been up to recently.


Bit the bullet and signed up for Marvel unlimited . Read a fair bit today as I had nothing on but surprised I read as much as I did. I might look into comixology unlimited if this continues.


It’s so cheap compared to any other method of reading that unless you are genuinely hard up you may as well. I do the annual thing and it works out to $6 a month which is less than the price of 2 comics to be able to read everything they have.

Even in 1984 I used to spend more than that on Marvel comics at 60 or 75 cents a pop.

I’d do the same with Comixology Unlimited but in truth it is limited and doesn’t have all the comics I’d want to read on it.


I was thinking of doing the annual payment now I’ve used it. I think it’s a bargain. I’ve been reading up on comixology unlimited and like you say yourself they don’t seem to have a lot of the stuff I’m interested in and from what I’ve read it’s the Netflix way of rotating content rather than the online library idea.


Yes and it’s still great value but as they tend to focus on introducing books with the first volumes I have already readmost of what I’d want to.

If Image did an Unlimited option just like Marvel’s though I’d be signing straight up.