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Is that the Chuckles undercover in Cobra story? That was really really really really really really really good


That’s the one.


Yeah, that was really really really really really really really good.

Also, it used Chuckles in an interesting way. Fucking Chuckles.


It was far, far better than I expected a GI Joe comic to be.

And I had never heard of Chuckles. This comic made me care about him.


I only remember one issue with him in the 80’s GI Joe comic, where he and like 6 other characters who’d just gotten toys fought off the new Dreadnoks, and it in no way felt like Larry Hama was told to write an issue with the new toys in it.

In said issue, he was annoying and had a loud shirt.


Having a loud shirt can be a character trait…

I read a bunch of this stuff when I was kid in the Marvel UK Action Force comic, which used to mix up the Larry Hama stuff with British produced stuff (similar to the Transformers weekly). Obviously the characters were given British/Irish backgrounds rather than American. I think Flint was born in Chicago in one story and the UK in another. I applaud his mother for surviving the birth.


I loved when they clearly tipp-exed out ‘GI Joe’ or ‘Joe’ and just about legibly wrote in “Action Force” into a space that it really couldn’t fit.


To add to what Lorcan said @Vikram , you can read via PDF but the CBZ format if\s best as it works well with various free comics readers that allow you to navigate a lot better. Some of them can even do things the likes of Comixology can’t like a single touch to skip to the next issue.

As well as the apps he mentions I use CDisplay on my PC (not that I read many comics on my PC) and Perfect Viewer on my Android tablet.


The first volume of Afterlife with Archie is now on Comixology unlimited. Highly recommended for anyone who hasn’t read it before.


I just read the first issue after picking this up. I can see why it’s been getting the reactions that it has. It’s an excellent start, extremely well-written. I can’t wait to read more, but at the same time I don’t want to rush through something that promises to be this good.


I’m away to Loch Ness for a week next week and there’ll be a lot of sitting around reading, chilling and whatnot so I’m saving it for then.


There hasn’t been a Marvel comic like Vision in years, maybe never. It’s changed what they can do with their characters, and the series doesn’t let you down at any point. It’s one of those books you want to savor and let stew rather than blitz through.

It’s good that so many people are trying it.


Nice one. I’ve picked up that and the two Kaare Andrews books - I’ve been meaning to get them for a while.


There’s a big Image sale up on Comixology for NYCC, nearly all their books right now for 99c or trades for $5-6.

I’d recommend Invisible Republic for a punt, it’s a bit of a hidden gem.


Boom have a sale on too, you can get all of Giant Days for 50% off with the code BOOM.

I’ll probably get Alex Paknadel and Eric Scott Pfeiffer’s Arcadia too, and maybe some others.


How’s The Woods?


I grabbed the Fraction/Aja/Brubaker stuff for the same reason.
Do they hold up to their rep?


I loved that run, but who knows, maybe it isn’t for everyone. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t like it, though. :slight_smile:


I like it a lot.
If you are on a Tynion IV tip off the back of Detective I also highly recommend Memetic. It’s bleak as fuck but it was my favourite mini the year it came out.
UFOlogy and Cognetic are also pretty good, but not as good as The Woods or Memetic.


Cool. Will give Memetic a go as well. I’m also tempted to go all in on The Woods; but I’m trying to restrain myself, as I want to pick up a few of the new Image books too. Are the collected editions complete story arcs or is it more of a continuous storyline?

From Image I’m thinking of Paper Girls, Cry Havoc, and Injection. Anything else I should consider?