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James speaks the truth.

It is a really different way to do comics digitally. There are a lot of cool ideas and stunning art. I have have no compunction in recommending this to you.


It is indeed da mutt’s nuts.


I wanted to like To The Death so much. Unfortunately I didn’t. I’m really not a fan of Geoff’s new art style and the plot/writing came across as something awful form the 90’s Image period crossed with a bad attempt at something from 2000 ad. I’ve met both creators and they’re good guys and I hope this does well but overall I thought it was very poor.


You know this only emphasises your reputation, right? :wink:


Same thoughts here.
I don’t usually judge the artwork as great or poor (unless it has evident perspective/proportions issues) but I felt stuck in a perpetual motion blur as I read it.


For those who haven’t read The Vision yet, the first six issues are on sale:


Allow me to endorse @PaulF’s post. The Vision is one of the best things that Marvel is putting out at the moment.


New Humble Bundle is Hasbro licensed stuff. What looks like all of Transformers: Robots in Disguise/The Transformers and More Than Meets the eye except the last few issues; a chunk of Simon Furman’s run; both Windblade trades; Combiner Wars; and some of the batshit insane Transformers vs GI Joe. Plus a whole mess of the IDW GI Joe comics (some of which are quite good), and most, if not all of the Revolution crossover published to date - by which I mean they have the stuff that hit shelves today in there


Thanks Lorcan. I will check that out.


I’m seriously considering it, and I bought the last two TF Humble Bundles, which cover a lot of the same volumes.


I’ve only started reading MTMTE, so this works out quite well.


I just checked TFWiki, and Volume 9 covers as far as issue 49 of MTME, so that’s everything except The Dying of the Light arc, and the Titans Return issues.

EDIT TO ADD: The last Transformers Bundle added the uncollected issues of The Transformers and MTME to the top tier in the second week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it again this time, so the bundle would cover every issue of both comics in that case.


I honestly think that I have enough to be getting on with. for now. :smile:


£2.49 for the first Vision trade? Aye, go on then!


Disregard the edit to my last post then!


Never bought a Humble Bundle before. What do I need to read these comics, software wise? On an Android tablet or iPad?


Huh, the Godzilla in Hell trade is also £2.49 in the Comoxology sale. Was going to get this in single issues but my comic shop didn’t get it in.


You get multiple formats in the Bundle, the IDW ones I have come as PDFs, EPUBs, MOBIs and CBZs.

CBZ is my preferred format, you can read them using iComics on an iPad or iPhone or ACV on Android (amongst other apps)


The Iron Fist Epic Collection 1 is on Comixolgy sale now for £2.49…down from £24.99


The Bundle also includes GI Joe The Last Laugh. If people haven’t read this and want to read an excellent Man under cover story, it is well worth a read.