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Yes it is. Image drop to $1.99 after a month. DC used to drop $1 after a month but then extended it to two (and now it’s indefinite). Marvel drop to $1.99 but do it after around 6 months or so.

Most of the Indies go down to $1.99 after a month but Valiant do the $1 drop instead like DC, Avatar take an age to do any discount like Marvel.

They all have their own strategies. There have been suggestions that Comixology/Amazon control the pricing, this seems to be nonsense from all I have seen. The publishers run different practices that are consistent internally.


Oops. Sorry. Totally misread your post.


I think the complaint that was made before was that creators don’t always have control over when their material goes on sale or is given away free. The publisher might still maintain that control.


I’m absolutely certain they do. Every pricing point is and sale is consistent by publisher but whether they ask every creator is another matter.

I think that gets more muddied with the likes of Image where they are very creator centred but when Mark initially didn’t want his books on digital platforms, they weren’t.


You read it in the most logical way, it was poorly phrased! I’ve gone back and changed it now so it’s clearer.


They didn’t really resonate with me, tbh, as I had never come across them before.

I read The Valiant recently and I’m intrigued by what happened to him. I’ll definitely pick up Lemire’s Bloodshot Reborn; have you read it?


I’ve read the first two arcs and it’s very good so far.


Correction - The original Deadshot limited series is in the sale.


Any recommendations from this Jason Aaron collections sale?

I’m tempted to check out Original Sin and Astonishing Wolverine/Spider-Man at £2.49 a pop.


The Wolverine & the XMen series is pretty good fun


I bought the Ghost Rider volume. I haven’t read it though, so no idea if it’s any good.
Is it good? Anyone?

Ive read half of Spider-Man/Wolverine, and I’d say to go ahead for that price.


At that price, everything other than Weirdworld and the Thanos book :grinning:

I really liked Aaron’s Ghost Rider run, but vol 1 is just a taster. It only gets better from there!


I tried Ghost Rider, W&TXM, Hulk and Thor and thought they all ranged from mediocre to okay but nothing special. Weirdworld is easily my favourite Aaron Marvel work (mainly due to Mike Del Mundo)


I liked both Weirdworld and Thanos. Both are some of the darkest stories I’ve read in ages, and Weirdworld is just crazy in a wonderful way.

I wouldn’t even questions Aaron at these prices.


Dark Horse Humble Bundle:

Includes X, Ghost, Empowered, Milk and Cheese, Mind MGMT, The Goon, and lots more.


I just finished reading Avengers World #1-14 on Marvel Unlimited, as part of my epic Hickman’s Avengers “super trade wait” read. It started really well, but just like Hickman’s Ultimates run, ends really badly.

Having three concurrent crises, and devoting one issue in every three to each, must have been a nightmare to read in singles, but does work well in collected form. It’s a nice way to ramp up the tension.

The problem came when 2 of the last 3 issues in the run were pretty much dedicated to origin stories of new characters, leaving the final issue to wrap up all the dangling plot threads in effectively 20 pages. Tough to do three epic stories justice in such limited space.

Individual episodes, spotlighting members of the team were fantastic - I’m thinking of the Shang Chi and Cannonball/ Sunspot issues in particular - but the rushed ending really ruined the sum of the whole for me.


The second issue of BKV and Martin’s Barrier is up:

It’s been nine months since the first issue, so I might need to re-read that.


For anyone who has fancied reading Shade The Changing Man, one of the greatest comics I’ve ever read, the full run is on sale on Comixolgy now along with the also excellent Doom Patrol, under the Young Animal sale.

Well worth a look…


I don’t know if anyone here subscribes to Comixology Unlimited, but holy heck they have stepped up their game recently. There’s an unbelievable number of high-quality books on there for reading now – a ton of Valiant titles, BPRD, early Hellboy, the first 3 trades of Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, 2 volumes of Metabarons, the first (and sometimes more) volume of almost every Image title, the first 12 issues of the Sixth Gun etc etc. I’m actually feeling a little overwhelmed.


First episode of Simon Furman and Geoff Senior’s new digital-only comic is up for free -

I promise it’s worth a look :slight_smile:

@BenObiwomble and @Lorcan_Nagle will back me up.