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Ha! Me neither.


Yeah, it’s partly that I don’t want to be tied to the subscription model, partly that I prefer the Comixology app (when I tried MU for free it was clunky in comparison, although that was a while back) and partly that I actually read very little modern Marvel, especially digitally. I probably spend less on Marvel books that I’m interested to read digitally than a subscription would cost. But these occasional sales seem like a good way to try out stuff that I’ve passed over.


Where do you live that you pay $100/year? It’s $70 for me too.

I like the idea of Marvel Unlimited but I don’t use it a whole lot. The interface is quite clunky and not all the scans are great. Even with having to purchase from the webpage, ComiXology is a much better experience.


It is. There’s no doubt about that. As Sam and I are laughing at the ‘read’ function that as far as we can see does nothing. :smile:

To be fair it has for me been much better though in the last few months. When I first signed up it was barely functional.


I haven’t used it in a while. In fact, the latest update has had trouble downloading. So I’m probably going to have to delete and reinstall the app. I need to get in and read some of the classic stuff on my list as I’ll probably let my subscription lapse after my year is finished.


Huge Image sale for SDCC:

Along with a lot of other big SDCC sales at the moment:


Thanks to @Lorcan_Nagle I received a two month subscription to Scribd last weekend. It was in response to me asking about the Valiant Universe and so far I’ve plowed through:

X-O Manowar vol 1-3 - Thought this was on the whole really good. The armour does seem rather overpowered at times but the story follows a nice progression and although there hasn’t been any real developments with regard to how the population of earth view the mysterious armoured figure, the off world stuff has been a good romp. Looking forward to the next volumes.

Harbinger vol 1 - I stopped after the first volume as, Deadly Class aside, I have no interest in reading comics about kids. It was okay but pretty much all of the characters were dull as dishwater and I didn’t care what happened to them

Bloodshot vol 1-2 - I enjoyed enough of the first trade to carry on to the next but felt it definitely went downhill and I’ve stopped. Art was nice but the weird talking nanite kid was stupid and the story too basic. I hear Bloodshot Reborn is good but it will a while, chronologically, until i get to it,

Ninjak vol 1 - This was one of the first Valiant books I read, no idea why, and I didn’t realise it was quite so far down the chronological reading order list (I’m using this as a rough guide That said, I will definitely be picking this title up again when i get that point in the Valiant Universe history as I thought it was great. I love a good spy yarn. Chuck in a ninja and some cool tech as well as smart writing and good art and it’s a winner.

Rai vol 1 - Another book that I read ‘out of sequence’ and another I will return to. It was a bit confusing and not quite as good as Ninjak or X-O but I liked the 2000 ad feel.

Archer & Armstrong vol 1-2 - Up front knowledge. I’ve never liked anything by Fred Van Lente. In fact, he’s part of a list of high profile creators who’s name on the cover actively put me off reading/buying. Anyway, I had the option to read this for free and I wanted to sample all Valiant books so took a dive in. It was definitely better than I expected. I liked the way by issue 3 it was balls deep into the action, all the main players had been established and a world shattering plot had been set up. Art was good and each character had their own distinct voice. Armstrong is a bit of a dick and I didn’t like the pop out boxes that told me what fighting style Archer was using as It seemed like they were added just to be something ‘cool’. Vol 2 was okay but to be honest I’m not sure if I have any desire to continue. The plot got a bit too hokey and the jokes started to fall flat and slip into the unfunny/cringey status. I might come back to vol 3 at a later date but nit right now.

Shadowman issue 1-2 - This was the only title I couldn’t get through a whole trade of. It just bored me and didn;t hold my interest at all.

Next up will be X-O vol 4-5, Unity vol 1-2, Eternal Warrior vol 1 and Rai vol 2. The Armour Hunters crossover follows that which I want to skip but I’m worried the X-O and Unity issues won’t make sense if I don’t read the other books involved.

Oh yeah, seeing as it was on scribd I read Weapon X for the first time. I thought it was naff. Horrible re-colouring and pretty rubbish scripting from BWS. Nothing happens. He basically stretches out one scene to 150 pages! Majorly disappointed.

I then read Wild Times 1-6. As an Abnett fan I’m surprised I never bought this (it’s bee on my ‘to get’ list since it came out). I did like it and thought there was some great characterisation amid the slow burning plot. The back matter in each issue was a really nice touch as well. Does volume 2 conclude the story?


Rai can be read with little or no prior knowledge, the only thing that ties back to the latter-day stories it the appearance of Doctor Silk, who’s also in Unity’s second story arc.

Gla you’re enjoying some of the books, even if not all of them. On the bright side, when you get to Armour Hunters you can skip the Harbinger and Bloodshot minis. Bloodshot Reborn comes out of the events of The Valiant, which doesn’t require any pre-knowledge of Bloodhot beyond what you’re already read.


Definitely more but than miss which is good. Looking forward to the next batch.


Apparently it’s been announced that the DC Rebirth titles on Comixology aren’t going to get the customary US$1 price-cut after a couple of months that DC books used to get.

I wonder if this will affect buying habits. I know some people here (Gar?) tended to wait for the drop before buying.


I can see their reasoning. They’re all $2.99 to begin with.


I was waiting for a bunch of titles to drop in price (e.g. Action Comics, Batman, Justice League, Titans). If they’re not going to do so I just won’t bother picking them up at all now. I do understand DC’s rationale behind this but it does mean I just won’t be buying them at all now. Ho hum.


Did anyone here read the Katana series that came out during the New 52? All 10 issues are on sale as part of the Suicide Squad sale and I was wondering if they’re worth it?


Good reviews, Bobby. I had the same feeling about Harbinger, but volume 2 is better and there’s definitely character development.

I loved A&A and bought Ven Lente’s entire run in trades. Bloodshot, I agree, starts off amazing, and slips off a bit. I actually was least impressed with X-O Manowar out of all of Valiant’s line, and found Eternal Warrior a really pleasant surprise. Hope you enjoy it.


I haven’t read it. The Deadshot book in the sale (Bulletproof) is pretty good though.

It’s a shame that the original Deadshot limited series wasn’t included as well. That was fantastic.

Note: I may be a slight Deadshot fan.


True, although Image titles - even US$2.99 ones - currently tend to drop a month after release.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 has now dropped from US$3.99 to US$1.99 on Comixology, for example.


What did you think of the HARD Corps storyline in Bloodshot? I quite liked it, but they were always my favourite OG Valiant characters.


I’ll be more judicious. The cheaper books are the more likely I am to pick them up to try and less likely to drop. They’ll all eventually drop in price, every publisher does even if it’s after 6 months like Marvel.

Ronnie isn’t wrong that for something like Batman I was paying $2.99 anyway but I always enter with a virtual budget I don’t like to exceed so if there are fewer $1.99 books I’ll likely pick up more from other publishers like Image.


I think Image titles just get a flat drop to $1.99. Jupiter’s Legacy 2 is a $3.99 title.


Yep, that seems to be the way it works.

(Sorry, the way I worded that post was confusing - I wasn’t using JL as an example of a US$3.99 series, but I can see how it read like that.)