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Did I just hear a cymbal crash? :smile:




Great Marvel collection sale on Comixolgy right now, including volume 1 of the Christopher Priest Black Panther Complete Collection for £2.99, down from £20.99.

Can’t beat that for 17 issues.


Great stuff, I’ve gone for that BP collection and the Soule Daredevil book. Thanks Chris.


New humble bundle is Grant Morrison stuff: Avatarex, 18 days and Dinosaurs vs Aliens. Is it worth picking up?


Honestly, as much as I like Grant Morrison’s stuff, Dinosaurs vs Aliens and 18 Days are not his best work (he also doesn’t really write much of 18 Days, he hands off to a co-writer not long into it). I haven’t tried Avatarex yet.

At that price though, you might as well give it a try.


If you’re not reading JL8, you really should be. Here’s the latest installment just up today.

If you’re new to JL8, you can start here.


I’ve been waiting for this: a proper Star Wars sale on Comixology.

What’s worth grabbing?


Darth Vader and Star Wars are great. Vader Down is a crossover.


Just buy all of it.


Thanks chaps. Sounds like I should definitely get the SW and Vader series and the Vader Down thing.


I’ve read the Princess Leia series as well. It is by no means bad, but not quite up to the stellar standard of the others (Vader is my favourite).

I haven’t read Kanan at all, so can’t comment.


Or subscribe to Marvel digital, its all there… come to the dark side…


I thought that the main Star Wars series went downhill after the first issue.
I keep trying but I’m not sure that this Marvelstuff Iis resonating with me?
I’m still excited to read the Obi-Wan and Anakin trade. No real confidence in Soule but I’m just hoping for a fun jedi adventure.


Cinebook are now on Comixology, with series such as XIII, Thorgal, and Valerian:


That’s excellent news. Hopefully they get their whole catalogue up on there.


Big Thor sale on Comixology:

Thinking of picking up the female-Thor issues as I know @RonnieM and others have recommended them.


Heck of a sale from Dark Horse leading up to SDCC. Looks like pretty much all their comics, only a dollar each. Goodbye wallet.


Do you not have a Marvel Unlimited sub, Dave? I highly recommend it! (I know, I’ve mentioned it more than once before). I don’t know the UK price but it’s $100 for a year, absolute bargain.


I only paid $70.

I think Dave has resisted it long enough that he must have some dislike of streaming over buying copies to keep.

I was happy to read they had a new feature that marked your books as ‘read’, except it doesn’t seem to make any noticable difference to me. :confused: