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Like with the last volume, Comixology have Nemo: River of Ghosts going cheap:


Just got it. Top Shelf have a default digital price of ‘cheap’.

My theory is that unlike most of the others they don’t rely on comic shops much, most of their output is OGN or collections, so they pass on the savings digital brings immediately.


I read a couple more of the books I picked up with the cheap SXSW bundle and free books on ComiXology.

Dragon Slayer #1 - I almost backed this book on Kickstarter. So I’m glad I got a chance to read it here. It was interesting. I think the art might have been better in black and white though. It gave it more of a manga vibe. It wasn’t bad though.

They’re Not Like Us #1 - This book wasn’t but once again not my cup of tea. The art and story were decent. It just didn’t blow me away.


I’m intrigued in They’re Not Like Us.
Did you read Nowhere Men (written by Stephenson)? Because I got the first issue of that and it was really weird. If this is like that I might pass.


Valiant are back on sale at Comixology. I just caught up with X-O Manowar. Continuing my run of never paying more than 99c for an issue.


Supreme: Blue Rose #7 - I think my biggest impression of this book is that it really feels more like a Grant Morrison book than a Warren Ellis book. The acknowledgement of the the nature of the world of the story is a heavy element in this book. It has made for a good tale. The reset ending was somewhat expected. I think the real stand out was Tula Lotay’s art. It had this dream quality that really accented the book. The whole thing was a bit of a mystery with a bit of an abrupt ending reading issue to issue. I’m curious how it would read in one sitting.


Yeah, I plan to reread it all at some point. I ended up really enjoying it, for the amazing art and for the interesting ideas. A truly dreamlike book, in a good way.


Comixology have the first 19 issues of Bendis and Maleev’s Daredevil on sale for $4.99:

The first Waid run is on sale too, and the first collection of Miller and Janson’s run:


Wow. I already own them all physically but even I’m tempted at those prices.


Thanks for the heads up. I’d seen the issues but not the collections. I can finally read Guardian Devil! And start the Bendis run. I hope it’s as good as they say it is. I’m still not sure that Maleev is a good artist.


I can understand your reservations but it fits with the story Bendis tells perfectly. It’s career-best work for both of them. Enjoy!


I read half of their Moon Knight and wasn’t impressed. Scarlet was too short to fairly judge and Spider-Woman was okay. It’s sad that I’ve read most of their stuff that isn’t Daredevil but I think I knew that it was considered their best so it felt right to work my way towards it.


Scarlet had its moments, but I don’t think it managed to maintain the energy and verve of the opening couple of issues, especially once the scheduling started to slip.

Spider-Woman was ok, but suffered due to all the extra work Maleev was having to put in to create the accompanying 'motion comic ’ (now there’s a trend that I’m glad died a death).

And I never followed Moon Knight all the way to the end for some reason. I remember it being a bit underwhelming though.

Daredevil is head and shoulders above all of those.


I’ve gotta agree with all of the things you said about those that I’ve read so hopefully I like this run as much as you do.

The digital sale has caught the attention of one of my friends who is completely new to comics and interested in Daredevil because of the show. What should I suggest to him? I think he wants to start a good run, not jump between arcs and ages. Is the Bendis stuff new-reader friendly?


Both the Bendis and Waid runs are very new-reader friendly, but very different. The Bendis one is dark and serious; the Waid one much lighter. Both are great, but I’d probably go for the Bendis run.


Yes, although it does start to rely more heavily on past continuity as it goes along.

Daredevil Yellow is pretty accessible but a bit old-fashioned and not very gritty.

Honestly, I think Man Without Fear stands as a pretty great entry point. And you can then move on to the main Miller run from there.


Yeah, he’d prefer the grittier stuff for sure.
My thinking is that by watching the show he’ll get the origin and wider context. So he can read the Bendis stuff and if he likes it work up to the Brubaker run.
Is Guardian Devil required as a prologue for Bendis? I’m thinking of saying he should get that as well. With maybe Born Again as a “past gem” or something. What do you guys think?


No, I didn’t read the Smith run until long after the Bendis stuff, and I was fine. It’s not nearly as good.


One of the key events of Guardian Devil is pretty integral to Bendis’ run overall, but it’s probably not necessary to know all the details - just that it happened, which is made pretty clear within Bendis’ story. So no, Guardian Devil isn’t required reading. Not least because (in my opinion) Smith’s story isn’t very good.


Ahh fair enough then. I bought it in the sale and I’ve started reading it. It’s good but I thought that the “event” that happens in it was supposed to be the most important thing for Daredevil ever, so it might be worth him checking out.