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Here’s the thread for talking about or reviewing digital comics in all their forms. It’s also a place to talk about comics that you wait for the digital copy to either drop in price or show up on Marvel Unlimited.

Universe! #2 - This is the second installment of the other Panel Syndicate book. Like #1 it was kind of an odd sci-fi book like an extended Future Shock or something. It seems like it may happen in the same world as #1. It was interesting but odd. Worth a shot for a pay what you want book.


very VERY worth checking out the latest Humble Bundle for a bunch of Transformers comics


me i am reading & enjoying Brian K Vaughan & Marcos Martins the Private Eye and i am currently re-reading digital copies of Jimmy Palmiotti ,Mark Waid and Brian Augustine 's 1997 run on Painkiller Jane ( her 1st mini series ) and Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s the Wicked + the Divine also Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon . :slight_smile:


ComiXology has a SXSW Submit Bundle Sale going on right now. It’s 30 books for $2.99. I’m thinking about picking it up if only for Derf Backderf’s Punk Rock & Trailer Parks which is usually $8.99 on it’s own.

On a side note, Derf is from the area where I live now. One of our friend’s parents actually went to school with him.


They’re also Tweeting out a bunch of codes for free comics:

That bundle also includes Gail Simone and Jim Califiore’s Leaving Megalopolis.


I already had that one from the Kickstarter campaign.


The latest Comixology free code is for Vol 1 of Afterlife with Archie:

Use the code JUGHEAD and it’ll be added automatically.


Thanks, Paul. I’ve actually been curious about that one.


Thanks to @PaulF, I picked up a handful of free books that I’ve been wanting to try from ComiXology along with the 30 books for $2.99 and also received a Kickstarter reward.

Bitch Planet #1 - One of the free books. This book kind of takes the female prison movie trope and flips it on its ear. Not exactly my cup of tea but I can see why some people enjoy it.

Daughters of Loigaire: A Story of St. Patrick - This was a Kickstarter book that I backed that the author really wanted out by today, St. Patrick’s Day. It was enjoyable. He did some interesting things with the art. I wasn’t familiar with the story before but found it a bit odd even from/especially from a Christian perspective. It was a good read though.

Doc Frankenstein #1 - An interesting book and one of the ones in the 30 pack. The art was very good. The story was interesting but a bit too much of a thinly veiled dig at the Bush administration. It hasn’t aged well in that respect.

Outcasts of Jupiter #1 - One of the 30 pack and a book that I almost backed on Kickstarter. This book had an interesting concept. It’s basically a futuristic world with interplanetary travel based around a more Middle Eastern mindset. It was interesting and there is a lot of potential in the art and story. The artist and writer just need to hone their trade a bit more and they will be stellar.


The final issue of The Private Eye is out! I’m going to read through the whole thing again.


I recommend reading The Private Eye finale on as big a screen as possible. Marcos Martin’s art is incredibly cinematic.

I plan to read the whole thing again as well - it was completely glorious.


I have my TV linked to my computer; I might just read it on that.


I need to pick up the last issue of Private Eye tonight.

I think I recommended it before but everyone should really check out Space-Mullet. The title makes it sound like a comedy but it is a really great sci-fi webcomic. I wish the creator would print a physical edition. Here’s the most recent page (also below). Here’s a link to the beginning.


ComiXology has a DC: Road to Convergence sale up right now. I’m considering buying Final Crisis for 99¢ an issue to give it a re-read.


I considered the same thing as my Absolute is still in storage. I wonder if issue #7 now has the extra pages on comixology?


Did they ever do a Deluxe Edition style hardcover with the additional material from Batman, Superman Beyond and Submit?


As far as I know, Final Crisis initially had a regular-size hardcover with the Superman Beyond issues and Submit included with the mini, then a TPB of that, then an Absolute that had all of that plus the Batman ‘Last Rites’ issues and some new story pages (plus loads of extras), then a new TPB with that extra content, then a new HC of the same.

I’m not sure if any of the HCs were deluxes though!


The Private Eye #10 - I finally took the time to purchase and read the last issue. I wasn’t disappointed. I really like how the whole series examined identity and security wrapped in a great, near future sci-fi story. I also like that the grandpa is probably closer to my generation. I am curious what happened to PI. At first, I thought the guy walking up at the end was him. If you haven’t read this series, I recommend giving it a try. It was a bold experiment that I hope has paid off for BKV and company. I can’t wait to see what they try next.


BKV has taken over the Panel Syndicate Twitter account for the next 12 hours. A hint at he and Marcos Martin’s next project…


I never realized that @Mark_Millar wrote the Superman issue for DC’s Tangent Comics series. It just posted on ComiXology. I might have to check it out now.