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Digital codes in comics


Do you redeem the digital codes that come with Marvel comics?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t buy Marvel comics, I’m just voting in this poll because third party choices are important

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I’m starting this thread to see how many people make use of digital codes that are available in Marvel comics.

I always redeem the codes so I have a digital backup and it’s gotten so bad that I won’t buy most comics that don’t contain a code. I don’t know if that’s just me or if the digital code impacts sales (or if you just buy digital directly and ignore the paper copy).


I normally buy digital comics, but will redeem digital codes in any physical books that I buy.


Back when I bought Marvel comics, I never used them.

One time, I gave someone the digital code for Amazing Spider-Man #700 and they used it.


Nope. i guess I’m just lazy. i will buy digital if I’m not going to be near a store for a while. But i have never redeemed the codes.
I definitely will on that I v X and its ridiculous cover price of 5.99


I don’t care for digital comics, so I have never redeemed one. I could start selling them for 50 cents a pop lol


It’s the only reason I bought physical Marvel comics when I was reading them. I’m all digital except for Millarworld books now.


Some comics pages look better on a computer screen than printed in books. I like to look at sample pages from the internet.

But then again reading digitally doesn’t work for me; I get impatient and cannot concentrate on the story.

Therefore I prefer the printed comics for reading.