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Did MM review FF?


Maybe he did and I didn’t see it. I’ve read the thread about what could be done to save the FF as well. My understanding was MM was being paid by Fox as some form of consultant? I haven’t seen the film largely as result of the trailers failing to capture my hope, the shocking press and the fact the last two were also poor.

When my age was in single digits and the original FF was numbered in the 100’s this was my favourite title. They have a wealth of back stories and a great selection of bad guys.

I’m amazed this went wrong…again. What was MMs take?


Mark is a consultant to Fox on their X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. As such, it is unlikely that he will comment publicly on any of these films.


Especially when they are terrible. :wink:


Yeah maybe a few years down the line but Mark can’t give an objective review of a Fox film while he’s on the payroll.

It’s quite standard practice and the correct way to behave.

Never mind though, I’m sure he’ll have no hesitation in sharing his thoughts on Star Wars VII or Batman V Superman where no such rules apply.


We await the Millar Memoirs, due out sometime in 2034 (If Quitely gets the art done in time).