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Development Hades


What "announced"projects would you like to see climb their way out of the Hollywood Inferno of development? What do you think should be consigned to the deepest pit forever?

Here are a few examples?

I hope this manages to make it to the screen in some form:
(from 2015)

I hope this never sees the light of day!
(from 2017)

This MUST be made!
(from 2016)

This… not so much.
(from 2017)


The Goon animated movie

And the stalled Shane Carruth films:
A Topiary and The Modern Ocean


I seriously would expect those to appeal to NETFLIX.


The live-action Static Shock TV series, even though I know it’ll invite comparisons to Black Lightning.


Here’s another one -

Otash was somewhat the real-life inspiration for Jake Gittes in Chinatown as well as characters like Ray Donovan (maybe a bit of Anthony Pellicano in that one).