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OK, it’s been a while since we did a ‘favourites’ thread, so I thought this might be a bit of fun.

Desert Island Comics

You’re stranded on a desert island. Inside the suitcase that washed ashore with you, there was room for just three things: one comic, one collected edition, and one comics-related item.

Luckily, as you begin to explore the island, you realised that a local albatross is able to drop postal deliveries once a month, but he’s only strong enough to carry two comics - one from one of the Big Two publishers and one Indie book.

So what are they?

To recap, you get five things: one single issue comic from any era; one collected edition (yes, you can even have a big fat omnibus or Absolute edition if you want, but quantity isn’t necessarily more important than quality); one comics-related item (so you get to keep your Batman T-shirt or your signed photo of Joe Quesada); one subscription to a current Marvel or DC comic; and one subscription to a current non-Big-Two book.

Go for it!


Here’s mine:

Single issue: It may not surprise you coming from somebody with this avatar, but it’d be Watchmen #4. It’s an endlessly rich reading experience for me: the structure and construction of the issue, the emotional content, the clever and elegant writing, the beautiful art… whenever I’m asked to choose a favourite single comic of all time, it’s always the one I pick.

Collected edition: The toughest category for me. What single book would I want to keep above all others? While I’m tempted by a lot of the usual suspects (especially DKR) I think I’d have to choose All-Star Superman - it’s such an enjoyable, heartfelt and optimistic book that epitomises a lot of what makes comics great, for me. It’s also a dense read, and (like Watchmen #4) it’s another that always seems to give me something new to think about each time I reread it.

Comics-related item: I don’t actually have a huge amount of comics-related paraphernalia, but of the few things I do have I think I’d choose the Superman S-shield mug that my kids got me last Father’s Day. It’s useful, looks cool and has sentimental value.

Current Marvel or DC comic: This is probably the easiest category for me, as I follow very few regular Marvel or DC books at the moment (I catch up with most of them in TPB or HC). One that I have been buying and enjoying, though, is Bryan Hitch’s JLA, so I’d choose that.

Current non-Big-Two comic: This is a lot harder. While I’m buying quite a few current Indie books, it’s quite difficult to choose between them, and they’re all very different in a lot of ways. In the end, I think I’d probably go for Providence, again because it’s so dense and rewards rereading.


I thought the thread was the name of a new publishing company! I’ll think about it and get back to you on this.


Single issue: This is hard, because I don’t tend to read them. So I’d probably go for something double length that I could use as kindling for a fire on this desert island.

Collected Edition: I would say maybe any volume of Usagi Yojimbo Saga, because you get a lot of story to keep you going and I think it’d stand up to the constant rereading by firelight as I wait for my rescue.

Comics-related item: I would have my piece of original Alex Milne MTMTE Optimus Prime art, to hang from my favourite coconut tree.

Current Marvel or DC comic: Probably Deadpool, but the question is, does this subscription carry over across reboots? Because I don’t want to pick something, only for it to get cancelled before I get off the island. That boat’s coming for me and Optimus any day now.

Current non-Big-Two comic: More Than Meets The Eye, easily.


Great idea, Dave. Ok. Here goes.

Single Issue: Uncanny X-Men #275 - This was the book that got me into comics. It has an amazing multilayered story by Chris Claremont that forces you into the action and explains things as things go. The art by Jim Lee is just fantastic and never sacrifices storytelling over spectacle no matter how amazing every page looks. It’s everything a single issue comic should be.

Collected Edition: All-Star Superman - This is just a perfect Superman story. It gives you everything about why he is great and why he is still relevant now. Morrison’s story has a lot of Silver Age trappings without being overly beholden to that era and also has a very modern vibe. Issue #10 is a sure fire cheer me up when the world is dark issue. Quitely’s art is top notch. It is amazing to look at and tells the story so perfectly and efficiently. This series was everything a long form story should be.

Comic Related Item: Superior #2, Page 10 Original Art - This is the only piece of original art I own and would be cool if only for that reason. However, the central theme of the page is Simon conquering his new powers while remember how he previously overcame difficulties with MS. It just hits home for me.

Current Marvel or DC Comic: Mighty Thor - I’m loving the story Aaron is writing here. It has very real human struggles juxtaposed against superhero battles. Dauterman is just killing the art too. I think he’s the next guy to watch. This is really what a modern/monthly comic should be. I hope the upcoming event doesn’t screw with it too much.

Current Non-Big Two Comic: Huck - This book just oozes hope and positivity in a way no book has in a long time. I really think Mark has written something truly unique here. Rafael is a phenomenal storyteller. The package they are putting together is amazing even beyond the art and story. The physical object is awesome from cover to cover. It’s what all other comics should hope to be.


So many awesome choices made already. Oh, here’s my list

Single issue: It would have to be BATMAN 500, the one where Jean-Paul Valley (standing in for Bruce Wayne) goes toe-to-toe with Bane. Just a knock-down, drag-out, brawl. So much fun to read.

Collected edition: SCUD: THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN. It’s a lot of reading. It’s wacky and it’s off the wall…and I can read it over and over and over again.

Comics-related item: Tough one but I’m gonna go practical and make it a Batman mug. Perfect for catching water, cooking small soup-like meals and even being used as a snare for really, really small rodents (for the soup-like meals)

Current Marvel or DC comic Sub: It’ll have to be VISION. Amazing writing. Compelling storyline. Layered characters. And I need to see how it all plays out!

Current non-Big-Two comic Sub: That’s easy. Gimme anything related to THE GODDAMNED. So much awesome.


Single Issue - can’t think of any single issue that I’d be lost without …

Collected Edition - probably the Amazing Spider-man by Roger Stern omnibus - it’s the perfect distillation of everything I love about Spidey, in one huge book so there’s plenty to re-read.

Comics-related item - my page of original artwork from Hitman #50 (signed by Ennis and McCrea) - brings back so many fond memories.

Current Marvel/ DC Subscription - Batman

Current Non-Marvel/ DC Subscription - Lazarus


one single issue comic from any era … This is the toughest one. I want to say Superman #423, but I’m not sure if that would be right without part two of the story (Action 583). But I can’t think of another single issue that had as big an impact, so I guess it has to be this one.

one collected edition … Watchmen. No contest. I think there’s enough depth to support more re-reads than any other collection.

one comics-related item … I don’t have much of this nature, so I guess it’s got to be my Legion of Super-Heroes mug, just for practical purposes.

one subscription to a current Marvel or DC comic … Astro City (though it’s a bit of a cheat, as it’s only DC on a legal technicality).

and one subscription to a current non-Big-Two book … I’m not reading any non-big-two on-going series, only minis. So I’m going to stretch the point and say Jupiter’s whatever and assume that will cover each new instalment not just the current mini.


Single issue: Hitman #34, the Superman one shot. Great comics there. What it means to be Superman distilled into a single issue with some dark humour from Garth Ennis to boot.

Collected edition: Shit. This is hard… If I could superglue all 25 of the Dredd Case Files together it’d be that. I’m guessing that would be disqualified though. It’s really hard playing off quality vs quantity… I think I’d have to go for a bit of a left field choice that covers both with the webcomic collection Cat and Meringue: 1000 Days of Adventure. A hefty book of 1000 daily strips that made me properly laugh out loud in places, get really weird in other places and is genuinely touching at times. When I finished reading the book I actually missed the characters. Not bad some thing that’s based on a fairly eye rolling pun.

Comics related item: Easy, that’d be my Carlos Ezquerra Dredd commission.

Current big two comic: Well, I only have two of these on my pull list: Amazing Spider-Man and Batman. I dig Amazing Spider-Man more and would miss it more than Batman so I’ll go with that.

Current non big two comic: Another easy one. Weekly subscription to 2000AD please. Thrill power shall sustain me during my desert island exile.


If you could superglue all 25 Dredd Case Files together you could make a serviceable raft and escape :smile:


If I was stuck on a desert island with all 25 Dredd case files why would I want to leave?


More later, but immediately knew what my comics-related item would be. Batman’s cape. Makes for a wonderful sun shade, and will scare the crap out of any invading pirates!


For the 26th?


Single issue:
Uncanny X-Men #183. It’s what made me fall in love with comics, Claremont at his best with a mix of soap, action, humour and a mystery subplot.

Collected edition:
From Hell. It’s so dense and has so much detail with annotations and all that, I think it would sustain many reads.

Comics-related item:

Current Marvel or DC comic:
The Vision. I’ve enjoyed the two issues I’ve read of that more than any of the others, simple enough.

Current non-Big-Two comic:
Saga, while some seem to have fallen out of love it is the first book I always want to read when it comes out and I’d be happy if it meanders on for another 150 issues.


Single issue: Man-Thing #10
The text box near the end that just says “Yes” still gives me goose-bumps 40 years on. I cried my eyes out when I first read it as a 9 or 10 year old.

Collection: Absolute Planetary
Everything I love about comics. Just everything. As near perfect as I can imagine.

Item: Batman Money Box
I had a plastic Batman money box around 1975. I’m pretty sure it was based on Neal Adams art, and had Batman standing against a brick wall, cape wrapped around it. I’d love for that to magically appear on the island somehow!

Big Two Sub: Amazing Spider-Man
Even though I haven’t really liked it much over the last 10 years, I always cling to the hope that a creative team or direction will come along that resonates for me. My somewhat difficult childhood was made easier by the webslingers adventures, so I kinda owe him :slightly_smiling:

Indie Sub: Hellboy
This was astonishingly difficult, as I tend to follow creators at the indie level. I haven’t even really been consistent with following Hellboy, but the Mignola-verse does intrigue me. Perhaps I coud cheat slightly, and have it so when there isn’t a Hellboy series, I could be sent Abe Sapien, or Lobster Johnson or BPRD?

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From Hell and Planetary are great picks. It’s a really tough category.


Single issue: One of the JLI issues I think. They had lots of great single issue stories that I have fond memories for. Maybe 34 where Blue and Gold start an island casino. Or 45 where Guy and Ice go on a date. Or any with Gnort. Or Justice League Antarctica. I’d be happy with any of them.

Collected edition: Infinity Gauntlet I think. I really loved that story and I could see myself happily reading it again and again. Or Secret Wars (the first one).

Comics-related item: We got a plush Rocket Raccoon for Finn for Christmas. I’d take him so I’d have some company on the island.

Current Marvel or DC comic Sub: Whatever Aaron is writing.

Current non-Big-Two comic Sub: It’d have to be Transformers MTMTE. Though I’d really like to see the Millar books.


I think Millar is putting out the best books of his career but they are too damned short for a desert island. :smile:


Dude! The JLI/A/E/Antarctica books are brilliant. I would have picked those as my collected editions. Good choice!!!