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Deadpool - movie discussion (SPOILERS)

So it’s almost here. And I’m excited to see it. The reviews seem overwhelmingly positive so far, and everything suggests that this might end up being the subversive, offbeat hit that it always had the potential to be.

Anyway, given that it’s out so soon I thought it could do with a dedicated thread.

Hopefully I’ll get to see it this week.

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Oh, and while we’re here, does anyone want to play the box-office prediction game…? :slight_smile:

3 billion.

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(Or somewhere between those two.)

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DP is gonna make bank.

Hope the BR is chock-full of all the ads and clips.

I was told I was crazy in a thread last year for predicting that it would make more than the last Wolverine movie, but I still think it’s going to do that.

So… I’m going to guess US$55 million US opening weekend, and US$450 million final worldwide total.

I think you’re darned close, Dave. I’d say a better open, though, close to $60M. It’s really quite cold outside, and theaters are warm and cuddly!

I probably won’t see this film in the cinema, but I sincerely hope it does really well.

I also went with a (maybe crazy) 450+M prediction in the box office thread…

On the one hand, it’s banned from China, so that’s not gonna help AT ALL. One the other hand, that’s kind of great publicity but they really didn’t use it very much =P

It’s been getting great reviews, but I think this will be one of those polarizing movies, in that you either like that kind of comedy, or you don’t at all. And if you don’t, it’s a movie full of that, so there’s gonna be a lot of people either loving or hating it.

I dunno, I hope it does well. I hope it does better than X-Men: AoA. And at anty rate, I’m REALLY looking forward to this… I’ll go see if tickets are on sale tomorrow so I can buy them for the midnight screening on thursday.

So is there something that looks like a Red Band Blu-Ray?

Would that be just purple?

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I might be going out on a limb here, but the comedy aspects of the film are what is turning me off. I didn’t find the trailer funny. I don’t really respond to that type of humour…and yes I realise that me phrasing the sentence that way makes me sound like I come from Planet Vulcan (“Ah, humour. It is one of your human emotions”).

I suspect that unless the word on this is overwhelmingly positive, I may wait until it turns up on Netflix…And even then, The Hangover got brilliant reviews and I hated that.

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Allegedly its a movie that doesnt blow it’s load in the trailers. So im told …

… unlike some (cough BvS cough cough)

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Wow, already?

“Deadpool” Sequel in Motion, Screenwriters to Return

This was actually greenlit about a month ago, IIRC.

Probably under the “Fantastic Four” principle - which is to say 'Let’s make noise about a sequel release date around about heeeerree and if the movie flops we’ll just put something else in it’s place."

Hopefully not, since they basically re-cut that bridge scene 5 different ways to make the trailers!

I am weirdly looking forward to this. I am hoping to make a dumb-comedy double-feature with this and Zoolander 2 on Friday. I just worry I’m going to pull a muscle from laughing too much in one day.

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Or three sequels, like the Terminator studio announced.

I caught an early showing tonight at Alamo Drafhouse (South Lamar location).

I enjoyed this X-verse movie more than absolutely any other. No quibbles. It’s sleek, self contained, and self aware, but that self awareness is used to keep momentum going and did not bring everything to a screeching halt.

The fights were all incredible. It was such a fun movie, but it did not sacrifice its drama on the pyre of gratuitous comedy to do it. It is a complete film. Even the post credits sequence hints at a, if this is the only film then this is the only film you need.

I think it really stands on its own as a cool stand alone, or a strong beginning of a series that can use the X-Verse in a way that isn’t as self-consciously philosophic, as X-Men movies are.


Im seeing it tomorrow after my doctors appointment.

Yay! Deadpool is the cure!

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Reynolds Says A Boyfriend “Would Be Great” For Deadpool