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Deadpool 2 (SPOILERS)




Yeah so I just watched this… erm… not gonna lie, I didn’t like it all that much… it’s faaaar inferior to the first movie and not only in terms of script.

First of all, you can see both the action and the editing were handled by someone else… the action is bland in a usual generic hollywood kind of way, with lazy cuts and edits… and the whole movie in fact seems badly edited. The jokes didn’t land as much, the story was too contrived, offing Vanessa was lame, even within the “Lady Death” context.

I dunno, I didn’t hate it, it’s not a bad movie, but it was just “meh”…

On the plus side, I did like what they did with Cable and Domino… in fact I loved every single second Domino was on the screen… I would’ve rather watched a Domino movie, and not only cause Zazie Beets is one of the most beautiful women on the planet :smile:

Actually, holy hell, the women in the movie are just plain gorgeous… Morena Baccarin and Zazie Beets? Yes please, let that be the next movie… fuck Deadpool and Cable… Give me a Domino and Vanessa bad-ass chicks team-up :ok_hand:

Also, kind of a shame they didn’t use the kid as Apocalypse, I mean that’s clearly who he was supposed to be at some point in the developpement of the movie. The X-lame-men cameo was… well, lame… except for chuck, cause I like him… but screw the rest of those Fox-men.

Anyways… yeah it’s an okay movie, but vastly inferior to the first… I guess that was bound to happen though, it’s hard catching lightning in a bottle twice.

And now with the Mouse & Fox merger we might not see an X-Force movie, which is a shame cause I really want to see more Domino, specially, but more Cable & DP as well… (though, tbh, by the end of the movie I was REALLY over Reynold’s voice… waaay too talky in this one).


Deadpool was too talky, huh? Weird.


Well, that can be fixed:


“Russell Crowe is a dick” sums up most headlines about him these days. Rarely is it “Russell Crowe is great in his new movie!”

He should read for Harvey Dent in the new Joker movie.


The notion that a working actor might have to try out for a job and not just waltz into it is not an insult and to take it as one is pretty ridiculous.

But then randos, especially ones sort of connected to projects, tweeting at actors telling them to go for certain roles is also a bit ridiculous.


Someone should tweet that to him.

But seriously, while I can see where Crowe is coming from in a sense (he doesn’t need people tweeting to him about movie roles), he also didn’t have to respond at all.


His prank skills are pretty solid though.


Just finished the Super Duper Cut/Extended Edition.

Overall - it’s definitely weaker than the finished product. A lot of what they added in was unneeded set-up. It wasn’t entirely superfluous stuff, like the Suicide Squad One-Minute-Longer Cut had, but it’s all stuff we didn’t need to see. In one case it actually makes the plot come off a bit jarring, rest of the time it just drags it. Overall, the theatrical release is still the gold standard here.

Although some of the alternate takes, ie. not entire re-added scenes, were pretty humorous it’s just not worth it unless you’re a completionist with over 2 hours to kill.



They could have just said “because they were rubbish characters” and saved themselves the next 3 minutes 2 seconds :wink:


You could have just not watched it and said ‘because they’re rubbish characters’ to yourself.


You’re a rubbish character but still not as bad as the Legion of Superheroes. :wink:


Your face is a rubbish character :angry:


Still not as rubbish as LoSH though. :wink:


But isn’t that the point of Deadpool? He’s a derivative, shallow, intentionally ignorant ripoff of all manner of adolescent escapist fetish fantasy fodder, but just a little bit of gumption pulls him through to victory.

Killing all the characters just like him completely defeats the one redeeming feature of the franchise.


Now we are more interested in cosplay him.


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