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Deadpool 2 (SPOILERS)


I felt like developing her so much and and the actual impact of her character and the relationship for Wade made her transition into a Lady Death composite so much more meaningful. It’s not as though she’s gone from the movie once she dies. Hell, Wade almost allows himself to, rather uncomfortably, die of super-cancer. It’s harrowing to watch and - well, the Lady Death stuff was incredibly well handled.

You might have a point about Russell being by the numbers, but I think the stuff they wrote for him and Denison’s acting more than carried it out. The kid can act the part of scared lashing-out wannabe very well.


I think Baccarin probably worked for about two days on that film, she’s in three scenes, all of them in the same room. She’s a plot device.

It’s the same thing that happened in ‘Bourne Supremecy’. They developed a good character in ‘Identity’ and then they start developing the sequel and the easiest way to get Jason back into action and keep him moving fast is to kill “the girl”. She exists just to motivate him, rather than as a character in her own right.

It’s lazy writing, and it’s one of the reasons actresses get pissed off, as Franke Potente did when they told her.


The writers have also said that the decision to bring Baccarin back in the mid-credits sequence was made very late, probably after test screenings.


I’m of two minds.
Cable and Cable’s family exists in a much more standard “fridging/motivating death” prop mold. But…I just can’t say the same about Vanessa. Maybe I’m just biased and full of BS haha. I fully admit that’s a possibility. But those Lady Death scenes were so heartfelt and the way he’s completely wracked and almost chillingly detached for a long stretch of that movie…well, it felt amazing. They play everything to the goddamn hilt with it.

I honestly cared much more about him getting to be with Vanessa in this movie, even if through death, than in the first. I honestly wish that Deadpool had died and/or that the time travel ending hadn’t ever been done. I am honestly going to miss Lady Death-Vanessa.


We never even meet them, we just see them die.

They are, but they are the sum total of her role in the film.

I really didn’t get that level of emotion from him. They didn’t do nearly enough work to earn a response like that. Nothing chilled me.

It was actually the kind of under-written writing that I’d expect Wade to break the fourth wall and comment on. Instead they just dive in because it gets them to the blood and the dark jokes.


The rest of the film is all just gags and set pieces, so yeah you have a point that the sum total of her role in the film is small…but it contains a large majority of the film’s core content I felt.

And yeah I guess we’re getting into the really subjective stuff. What broke it out to me was the “wasting away” make-up that they put onto Wade and Reynold’s depressive apathy as he just accepts his slow and painful death where what got to me. There were moments that the movie was underwritten, but that entire little string of sequences was not.


It’s great that people got more out of it than I did, but because I did get more from the previous film, I was disappointed here.

It’s not ‘Manchester by the Sea’ but they went with some heavy ideas and, for me, dropped the ball with them.

And using Vanessa as nothing but a stick to poke Wade with is still lazy, bloke-ish filmmaking. We need some better solutions to, “what do we do with the girl?”


I guess it’s lazy writing but I didn’t mind all that much. I got what I wanted from the movie, some laughs and some action.


Yeah, and it’s honestly great in an overall sense that you didn’t get the same out of it. If you hadn’t, then we wouldn’t have had this thrilling discussion and dialogue.

To really put a stopper on things, I guess the last reason I don’t mind what happened with Vanessa, and why I don’t consider it lazy, is that I felt it was a clever way of adapting that aspect of Deadpool’s mythos. The whole “wants to die to be with Death” and all of those sequences were, I thought, smartly integrated through the use of Vanessa. But I have always been a fan of that aspect of the character - especially in the Deadpool & Death Annual.

I consider it one of the best adaptations of concept since X2.


I hadn’t even realised that was what they were going for.



Finally saw this!

Only guy in the theatee.

I loved it. Miles above the first one. Wonderful movie. Lietch has made three movies in a row that I have adored.


Finally got to see it tonight. Loved it. Domino was great. Framing Baccarin as Death makes me like those scenes a lot more.

I was only disappointed that more fruit wasn’t borne of the Essex stuff. Maybe next time?



The uncut version is playing SDCC, so we’ll see what’s different then.

Also, Sky says the UK release is a month after the US:


I wouldn’t mind more Lady Death scenes.
Those were brilliant.

But who knows? Could be Rogue Cut, could be 15-More-Seconds-Of-Harley-Quinn level.


Between this and Ant-Man & The Wasp, this better not start becoming a thing (I mean, it’s much less of an issue with a blu-ray release compared to a theatrical one, but still).


The US window between theatrical and home release has been shorter for a while. Black Panther was a month late here too.


I’m sort of on Crowe’s side for things like this, but I also think he’s over-sensitive about… well everything really.


If Rob had tweeted, “I think you’d be great as Cable for Deadpool 2!” or something like that, it probably wouldn’t have caused a blowup.