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Deadpool 2 (SPOILERS)


Hey. This Ben guy. He gets it.


Juggernaut’s theme for best soundtrack theme ever?



Anyone seen @RonnieM?

Last I saw he had his ticket and it’s been quiet ever since, did the film smash him into a coma?


Probably the X-Force scene was devastating.


Short review: I really enjoyed it. Will throw up something longer later.


Deadpool 2 - This film was a great follow up to the first one. It seemed to subvert almost every cinema genre for laughs. It was so fun to see the introduction of characters like Cable, Domino and Shatterstar that got me into comics so many years back. I thought Josh Brolin was dead on as Cable and loved how they played the character. I’m glad that they let Colossus and Juggernaut be a bit more cartoony and not as realistic. I think it really helped the film. The only think I didn’t care for was that everything was there to serve Deadpool. I thought things would be setting up the larger X-Force universe a bit more. A Shatterstar vs. Juggernaut fight a la the Spider-Man #16/X-Force #4 crossover would have been so cool. The cinematic version of the image below could have been so cool. I would be a bit more pissy about it if it the punching of X-Force wasn’t so damned funny. All in all, it probably wasn’t as good as the first film (except for the addition of Cable) but it was a great time.


Peter fucking rocked. That is all.


I had been spoiled before watching the movie, and the entire gag seemed so unbearable. But in execution the fact that everything is said and done in 3-5 minutes (from even conceiving X-Force to their deaths) made it genuinely hilarious. Really glad that they weren’t given more time for just the joke.

I agree that if they had a different plan for them, it’d be better for them to have more build up, but it’s definitely apparent that the core X-Force for the movie will just be Deadpool, Cable, and Domino.


Just got home from seeing this.

Lots of positives but let’s start with the negatives.

The movie takes a while to really get going while the first was very focused and high pace. It felt like it jumped around a lot more than was necessary and let the movie down. In my opinion having a slightly more focussed opening, potentially just going after the one bad guy and his panic room, would have given the following events more depth.


Bond style credits, although the actual credits were trying too hard.

Alpha Flight Easter eggs.

Baby legs.

Juggernaut, especially the soundtrack during the main fight with him.

The cameos.

The Sinister references despite not taking it anywhere.

Russell’s “It feels good being gagsta” line from Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

The whole X-Force thing.

I’m sure I’m missing some but it’s late…


I remembered one, DP calling Cable Thanos.


When the Vanisher showed up, I kept confusing him with ForgetMeNot. Now, that would be an interesting character to appear in a Deadpool movie.

I guess it’s possible that he already has.


I’m standing here cooking dinner and I suddenly remembered the Donde está la biblioteca scene (no idea how boiling spuds brought that on) which I found laugh out loud funny but only because it made me think of this:


That’s exactly what I thought of too


Saw this and oh holy shitballs! That was great.

It was a bit confusing here and there though and I had some problems with the logistics, but those are details in what was a fun action movie. It was weird how they needed to stop Russell from murdering the director but then they proceeded to murder all the nurses in the orphanage. But I’m gonna let it slide.

The post credits scene was awesome. So I guess Vanessa and Peter are still alive after all? But Shatterstar is still dead?


The boy is important, their souls are already damned haha.
I both like and dislike the post-credits scene. Definitely something I would hate if it weren’t done well. But yeah it’s official and only Peter lived.


Oh God, we all hope so :confused:


Finally saw it today, I think it was about half as good as the first one, but since the first one was so good, it was still fun.

What was missing was anything to care about. Despite all the jokes, blood and insanity in the first one, I really cared what happened to Wade and Vanessa.

I didn’t really care what happened to Russell. Even when Wade start to care, I didn’t. It was dangerously close to a sketch comedy show, and not all sketches are created equal.

So it’s just a bunch of jokes, half of which don’t land as well as you’d hope, and action scenes, which have a good budget, but lack the coordination of the first film. Tim Miller is a better director than David Leith.

But as I said, even a half-decent Deadpool movie is fun, just not as much fun as I hoped.


Screw you, Meadows. :wink:


It’s fun that Russell is a polarizing figure. I felt that, along with Vanessa, he played the part of emotional core of the movie very well.


It was all very loosely sketched stuff. Russell’s life is automatically sympathetic, so the filmmakers just coast on that fact. They don’t do anything else with it. Russell isn’t a character he’s a plot device.

The same goes for Vanessa this time. After developing someone with a bit of depth in the first movie, they don’t know what to do with her in the second? So she becomes a plot device too.