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Deadpool 2 (SPOILERS)


Makes me wish I had a photosynthesis memory.


And now I get to play this to death and piss off the better half


I’m just remembering those Black Tom/Cable’s a racist jokes. They were so ridiculously funny.

The short legs scene had pretty much everyone in the cinema in tears.


That’s a really interesting version of the song too.

My wife found it hilarious that they’d bring on guest female singers and Morten would be going higher than them on the song they did together.


I would say this movie was not for me, although I did like bits of it, including the post credit scene and the way they turned the X-Force setup on its head.


Yeah, I loved that at the end.
It really paves the way for more of an “Uncanny X-Force” take.

I enjoyed this rather a lot. I liked the original, but I really was taken with this one for a lot of reasons.


Off topic: I can not belive that he can still hit those notes.


I loved that too, though MacGruber did the same gag, pretty much:


They’ve even done basically the same thing with the X-Force brand before, but still, it was pretty good.


I saw it the other night with Christel and we loved it. We laughed out loud so much. I would put this movie a hair above the first one. I was worried they wouldn’t stick the landing but they did. I had a lot of fun with this movie.

The line that really got me was DP referring to the artist who can’t draw feet.


What got me is the kid, honestly.

I love how the movie ended up being a very warped version of the Kid Apocalypse storyline and Fire Fist was such a good way of bringing that about.



Loved it, we all laughed our asses off through the whole thing. Of course I saw this on the heels of Justice League so the bar wasn’t that high. Definitely going on the shelf with the first one. :+1:


It’s a fun movie. The first movie was kind of a breath of fresh air while this is just more of the same. That’ll probably hold it back from being the same kind of mega hit the first one was, but that’s okay. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but I feel like the majority of people who likes the first one will enjoy this one a lot too.

The post credits scene was great and the opening credit was a nice Bond spoof.