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Deadpool 2 (SPOILERS)


Reviews are out in a few hours, and it’s in cinemas here tomorrow, so watch for spoilers immediately.

I’ll probably see it tomorrow night. I didn’t love the first one, but I laughed a bunch.


I think the wife and I are going to see it Thursday.


This is one I don’t think I can pass on, just a case of plotting when to see it.




Looks like they didn’t screw this up. I was a bit worried after those first rumors about test screenings came out.


Oddly, just looking at everything in the trailers with Deadpool joining the X-men as a trainee, putting together the X-Force and fighting ninjas (?), I can’t believe that Cable will actually have much screen time in the movie.


I’m going in 2 hours (Tuesday night release in the UK weird) for the missus birthday.
At her request!!

I may have taken the integration process a step too far.


That was super duper enjoyable. Don’t expect much of a plot. Do expect to laugh.


Screen time in a Deadpool movie is different than other movies but Cable and Domino are onscreen for a fair amount of time.

Edit: which reminds me to mention that I’m more in love with Domino than I’ve ever been. And that it always was an unhealthy amount.


Hmm. I kind of liked it, except for all the Deadpool stuff.



  • The new cast are all great. I was worried they would make Cable too jokey, but he works.
  • Julian Tennison is great as the only character in the movie to have any depth to them.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead has a girlfriend! It’s good to finally see a non-straight X-Men character, though it’s ridiculous that it took this long and that it happened here rather than an X-Men movie.
  • The entire X-Force sequence with Rob Delaney, Terry Crews, etc is fantastic.
  • The action scenes are all good.
  • No Stan Lee cameo, aside from his face on a mural.


  • I laughed at maybe 5% of Deadpool’s jokes. Some worked, but most of them fell completely flat for me, especially all the fourth wall-breaking references to other movies.
  • Killing Vanessa at the start is lazy, and bringing her back at the end is lazier.
  • Aside from Julian Tennison’s Russell, all of the characters felt very one-dimensional.
  • Domino is cool, but that’s all. She’s just a vehicle for cool setpieces. I’m not sure how seriously we’re supposed to take the attempts to connect her to the story, but they don’t work at all.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead has maybe six lines, and her girlfriend has less.
  • TJ Miller
  • Eddie Marsan is completely wasted, though it’s funny how often these movies have teased Sinister and not followed through.
  • The mid-credits scene was probably hyped up too much, but I didn’t love it.
  • The plot is basically just Looper, and Deadpool doesn’t even reference it.
  • Aside from the unplugged version of Take On Me, none of the ironically cheesy music drops worked for me.

I’ll probably watch X-Force, sure.


They nailed Cable which makes me happy.
Probably preferred the first one but still good fun all round.

The end credit scenes had me rolling out of my chair


So … identity of the two mystery cameos (“Dickie Greenleaf” - Matt Damon seems almost too obvious?) and Juggernaut’s voice? Brad Pitt made me grin.


Was it Alan Tudyk on the left? There was so much make up on the other I couldn’t work it out.


Yus, one was Tudyk. The other one is credited as “Dickie Greenleaf”


Did you notice x-men 1 sabertooth in the prison?


Maybe Jude Law if not Matt Damon then


The X-Men cameo in the mansion was brilliant, couldn’t catch everyone in it.


yeah my quick scan I only picked up Beast,quicksilver, Mcavoy xavier and maybe cyclops


I felt like there was about 6 of them maybe? It all happened so fast :joy:


yup definitely didn’t catch the ones to the left and maaaaaybe jean in the middle but I would be guessing