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DD Season 2 spoilers, Old Man Logan sequel, Hitch on JLA:


Our front page is update daily. Today’s highlights:

Daredevil Season 2 spoilers
BRIAN BENDIS does Old Man Logan Sequel
BRYAN HITCH talks JLA to USA Today.

All on



I love the variant cover:


Hitch on JLA in June, eh?

Guess e won’t be seeing Real Heroes 5 (Aug 2014) and 6 (Oct 2014) any time soon… :frowning:


Difficult to say - apparently a lot of the JLA stuff has been stockpiled way in advance.

Mr Hitch has an AMA coming up in a couple of weeks so we could always ask about it then?


Hitch is making all the right noises. I think his JLA is going to be my top book next month.


Image have Real Heroes #5 solicited for next Wednesday, so we’ll see then.