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DC's 1982 style guide is released online - Check This!!!!


I’d always seen bits and bobs from this over the years, but now the whole thing can be seen at the link.

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez is, without question, the greatest artist to ever draw these characters. Everything about them is perfect. When I think of DC this is what I think of an d not just because I’m an adult. If we kids or my nieces and nephews see these drawings on a T-shirt or a mug they want it. Anyone else, not so much. It’s very interesting. He just nails it.


Guess my thread is obsolete now, Mods?


When you have a star on staff you use him.
The entire 1982 DC Comics Style Guide


Great stuff. Such a clean, classic look.


Ooof. Look at that.


Lopez doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He’s clearly one of the best artists the medium has. His work is absolutely gorgeous.
Here’s a link to more of the work. I may have to buy this.


His Batgirl is ripped! That’s great seeing a strong midriff rather than the model physique.


Those look so good; they really invoke nostalgia in me, too.

Do you know if the Big Two still have these types of guides today?


This is so awesome. I could recognise Garcia-Lopez’s art even before I learned to recognize artists. I think it was the box art on the first round of Super Powers action figures where I really started to notice it.

I picked the book below up last year and highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

I don’t have access to Facebook right now. Is there something that can be purchased?


Supergirl really rocks that headband!


Oh wow! That Wonder Woman transformation picture is beautiful.


It was quite widely publicised that Jim Lee did character (re)designs for a wide range of characters for DC’s New 52 relaunch, so yes, they have something along those lines.


I saw pre-New 52 turnarounds that Jim Lee had done too. The original art for them was up for sale on his site for the longest time. His studio also did a bunch of design work for the DC MMO.


That is some fantastic art.


They certainly do it for when they license characters out to other companies for promotions. You can see some of DC’s from the last decade or so for sale here.


I do wish DC would put this in print. I think it would sell well.


I know of at least one copy they’d sell.


Really? Have any of these ever hit eBay or something like that?

Wow. It looks like there are 2 available here for $500 a piece.


They’re awesome, aren’t they? I’ve been browsing them on and off all day.
His art’s absolutely perfect, doesn’t miss a beat, but he also draws the most engaging smiles on everyone.

Yep, even Batman!


I was going through my house find all the things that had art from those guides on it.