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DC Universe Streaming App Service


So I’m pretty excited for the DC Universe App. Anyone here already pre paid for the service?


The problem I have is that TV is fragmenting more and more. You can’t buy a single package and watch everything, programmes are now streamed within their own gated communities, so after you buy cable you then have to have Netflix and then the DC streaming service, and then Apple are doing it, and God knows what else.

Honestly, if DC put a new show on a channel I already pay for I’ll probably watch it, if they want me to pay for a new service so I can see it then I probably won’t, no matter how good people tell me it is.

Apart from that, I’m sure it’s going to be a great service :slight_smile:


I think there are a few ways to look at it. The traditional cable model did make you pay for a load of channels you never watched. I did notice myself watching maybe 5 or 6 with any regularity despite having a couple of hundred available.

So to some degree a few gated communities for those few could be cheaper and more useful. I think we’re at a stage now where a lot of people are trying it with streaming, some will fail (some already have, I think the games console channels seem to have mostly given up) and it will consolidate back a bit.


No, and if the live action content is on par with he current slate of shows like Flash, etc I won’t.

Probably won’t regardless as there’s not much here to interest me as it is.


I’m more excited of the idea on what the DC app will bring in the next 5 to 10 years. Better quality content, it’s not just limited to DC, but also their other imprints. Vertigo, Young Animal, Jinxworld. Can you imagine Neil Gaimans Sandman adapted through the app? So many possibilities of other animated series. Hopefully they’ll get to make their own films.