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DC Trinity New Designs

I’m really liking Superman’s new design, there’s no more ARMOR LINES! NO NECK THING!
Boot’s aren’t red but I strangely like it.

ALSO, He’s got the curl!

Wonder Woman’s costume is mostly based on the movie.

Batman’s yellow around his Batsign, very cool.


I’m glad that Batman is allowed some blue but I don’t really like any of them. At least Superman got his neck line back, but he’s lost the classic indent at the top of his boots.

Like I noted in the DC thread I think the costume looks better here:

Making the blue lighter really helps.

But I think this one looks much better:


Superman would be perfect if they just left the red boots. It looks all wrong without the red to break up all that blue.

The yellow belt really adds to it I think.
I’d love if somebody drew his classic costume minus the underpants, just so we could see what that looks like, because I have a feeling it would still be cooler than half of the redesigns.

This is always what happens when you let your parents pick out your clothes!


When I was a kid I thought the “M” at the top of Supes boots stood for “Man”. The new blue ones make him appear tougher but I miss the red. Also I’m not crazy about the light blue wrist cuff thingys, though at least his costume isn’t textured and without glittery details like in the film version. That makes him look like he’s auditioning for the Ice Capades.

Overall the New 52 outfits seemed more modern than these.


Am I the only one thinking WW doesn’t need a cape?


I like WW in a cape for special occasions. She’s worn a lot of them over the years, just not very often.


However Nicola draws her, it will be just FINE.

Besides, she’s been known to travel whole continents to eviscerate detractors. Nicola, I mean.

The other one that looks good is Hellblazer. I really enjoyed Moritat on Jonah Hex. That first splash of 1870’s Gotham was outstanding.

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I hope that part of the Rebirth relaunch is that Jim Lee keeps fiddling with the costume designs every six months.


Im pretty sure that was DCs selling point when they offered him the top job.


Jim Lee seems to be a particular fan of the cape look - he’s used it quite a bit in the past:

I think it works as well a graphic element and as a way to convey movement and dynamism, which are the main justifications for having capes in superhero comics I think.


Yeah, and in Wonder Woman’s case the extra fabric takes a lot of the sting out of her basically wearing a one piece swimsuit.


What’s with the upwards arrow on Batman’s crotch? Is it a “My eyes are up here” sort of thing because it’s failing to do its job and my eye is drawn to that odd wee detail every time.

I don’t think Jim Lee designed these new ones though… don’t like like his style. The Batman one was Capullo I think.

You may be right, I assumed it was his Superman and WW redesign given his position, but given we know Capullo designed the Batman one it may be that Supes and WW were done by others too, and Lee just had to sign off on them.

Plus they honestly don’t look so good in his style… which was my first clue =P

Edit: Found this on CBR:

Definetly not designed either by or for Jim Lee (and similar guys)… If this isn’t capullo’s design it’s from someone similar with a simpler, cleaner style for sure…

I really like this Batman design, but in the style I posted… It doesn’t look as good in Jim Lee’s pic. The cape shape around the chest and shoulders is quite nice.

In the live stream they admitted that some of the New 52 costumes might have gone too far and that Geoff Johns had design input this time around.

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Those were my thoughts - a cape is handy when there’s a bit of a chill!

Also, according to the teevee, capes are handy when learning independent flight. Aerodynamics, y’know. And other big words.

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Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s all I can see.