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DC Television Thread


It’s a big thing, apparently:


Aren’t we all…


Anyone who saw Smallville?


I need to stress that this definitely does not mean me.




Wooo Supergirl is awesome. Take that Mxyzptlk. Hahahahahahaha you lose :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you ever think you would see the day when you would see a live action Supergirl TV series, much less enjoy it?


The world is truly a wondrous place :slight_smile:


In other news, Snapper Carr continues to be the best character.

I hope future episodes don’t show his decision to fire Kara in a bad light.
Because it’s kinda the only thing that helps put him above other characters…having a brain.


Funny, I thought that wrote out the whole Snapper / Catco / job thing. While making political commentary, which was a pleasant surprise.


I’m okay if that’s how it was written out.
I just hope they don’t do what they’ve done to Snapper in the past and have him be “shown up” somehow.
Firing Kara was 100% right.

And the political commentary is just…weirdly blunt.


Now if we can just get “James” to move back to Metropolis!


Nah, I’m okay with James now.

He had some fun scenes with Wynn that gives his character depth and now he just shows up for combat support.

I hope he and Wynn team up some more


Nah, James is Superman’s buddy. Wynn is Kara’s Jimmy. Cut him (maybe a guest spot) and leave room for, say, Wynn’s new girlfriend. And more Jeremiah. And Sorbo and of course any time Teri Hatcher is on screen is a bonus! (Except desperate Housewives - we all have our limits.)


Yeah Hatcher was the worst thing about Desperate Housewives.

And nah, unless they amp up Wynn’s action quotient (which they will never do, cause CW) .
Wynn and Jimmy need each other to make an actual Jimmy.


Supergirl Takes on Fake News – and the Refugee Crisis


I don’t see how she took on “fake news”…Snapper was the one making sure there wasn’t any.


I think they were saying Supergirl the series, not Supergirl the character.



Then yeah.
I’m glad other people are realizing how utterly terrible Kara is at her job.