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I thought that switch around was weird and I still don’t fully buy it.

I think Vigilante is probably Chases brother or something.


Nah, it’s clear that Prometheus stole Adrian Chase’s identity and Vigilante is the real Adrian Chase.


Has anyone continued to watch Powerless? Is it still a turd or has it improved?


I hadn’t actually considered that - and that’s a solution, but I’m not sure if it’s that clear of one.

I had thought the introduction of Human Target might play into some of the “Who is mysterious X” person, but, I suppose we’ll see.


Well, they did the same exact thing with Jay Garrick last season on the Flash.


That’s true.

It’s not a bad theory, but it’s only not a bad theory because it’s sort of the type of conventional plot-device we expect from Berlanti. There isn’t really any suggestion in the show to back this up, and the only reason that the Adrian Chase reveal was a bait-and-switch is because we know what his comic-book identity is.


Right, but remember that we also had a scene in the Flash where “Jay Garrick” shows us “Earth 1 Hunter Zolomon”


Oh yeah - I’m totally with you - but there was at least a few bread-crumbs - we had “The man in the mask” and the drug that Zolomon/Garrick created and so forth.

It was enough to know that something funky was going on with Jay.

We know something funky is going on with Adrian Chase for an entirely different reason - he was just revealed as the series big bad villain but not who everyone was speculating.


I enjoy it. it’s worth it for the opening credit montage. it’s good for a few laughs and comic jokes. cast is fun too. i think if it gets picked up it would improve. it can be cheesy/groany, but in a Peter David way (i like that, so your mileage may very). hope that helped!


The only real problem I have with this is that Adrian Chase is a very public figure in Star City. If he weren’t the real Chase and Vigilante was, why wouldn’t Vigilante immediately have targeted the fake Chase? Vigilante doesn’t seem to be the type that would be okay with someone stealing his identity.


All logical questions, but since they say they might not unmask Vigilante until Season 6…I’m just making light of the fact that they probably don’t know either.


I rewatched the first Supergirl episode of the new year, which wiki tells me is episode 2.9, Supergirl Lives, and also tells me was directed by Kevin Smith and written by Andrew Kreisberg, Eric Carrasco and Jess Kardos.

It’s pretty much a perfect comic story. Kara promises to look for a “runaway” teenage girl, which might sound a little low-key for a kryptonian, but only if you’re of the opinion that superheroes are all about fighting villains. For me, looking for missing children is exactly what superheroes should be doing.

[spoiler]So Kara and the utterly adorable Mon-El go ineptly undercover (in an adorably inept sort of way) and stumble into an alien slaver plot, and end up on a planet with a red sun.

Supergirl then proceeds to completely and utterly super even without powers, and though she’s getting severely trounced by aliens she won’t give up, and that inspires the other human captives – including, crucially, Mon-El – to help her, and they ultimately defeat the aliens. The Mon-El point is important, because this version of Mon-El, while nothing like the comics version, has probably the best character growth arc of the whole series. He goes from being selfish and arrogant to being … well, still pretty selfish and arrogant, but at least he’s trying. A few episodes ago he wouldn’t have been the last man holding the corridor while the humans escape. Now he is, even though he’s lost his powers, and he’s doing it without any fuss or soul-searching, he just does it because he’s fundamentally good. I think anyone who’s around Supergirl for any length of time just has to be fundamentally good.

Other supporting characters get moments to shine. I think the James Olsen/Guardian sub-plot is a terrible idea, but here it gives a great story arc for Winn (who has felt like a fifth wheel recently), who loses and regains his nerve in heartwarming and quite believable fashion over the length of the episode. Snapper Carr is a great supporting character who has sadly been completely underused, but his brief scenes show why he needs to get used more (less James, more Snapper would be fine). He’s there to push Kara and help her grow, something that the rest of the cast have moved on from doing so they really need him right now.

Even all the humour works, and it all arises naturally from the characters rather than feeling like jokes shoehorned in. From Maggie pointing out that Kara’s glasses are a terrible disguise (made funnier by Kara walking right past Mon-El wearing glasses earlier in the episode and not recognising him) to Winn worrying that he’s the “red shirt” on the alien planet, to Mon-El being generally Mon-El. And even Snapper’s unintentional dead-pan gruffness brings a smile. [/spoiler]

Overall, if I’d read this in a comic I’d probably call it the best mainstream superhero issue of the year.



Err… not sure who this person in glasses is:



Confirmed. We now know who Prometheus is, but the Vigilante mystery will continue!


Ah well, thankfully there’s always Gotham.



What the shit?

Who ships Luthor/House-of El?