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DC Television Thread


I figured they’d go younger; Williams is 46.

I mostly remember him as Bailey’s first husband on Grey’s Anatomy, and Michael B. Jordan’s dad on Friday Night Lights.


I think they’re going with the Lightning that has a couple of metahuman daughters. Was that during the JSA run a while back? Family drama, methinks.


He was portrayed as being a bit older during the President Luthor story, where he was the Secretary of Education. Later on, one of his daughters appeared in The Outsiders and the other was in JSA.

Edit: It worries me that I remember all of this but can’t remember the character’s Secret Identity.


Lincoln Jackson or summat?


Jefferson Pierce.


Last day of shooting for the Legion of Doom!

The board thinks I’m hogging posts! :laughing: STFU, board.

More on Black Lightning:


I think the takeaway is "Next year, we’re hoping to do a true four-way crossover.”




Naw. That’s the CW. They mean it.


Just up.

Now, folks are saying that’s a stunt double. Not Jessie Graff. To my weary old eyes it looks a lot like Caity Lotz being directed by Kevin Smith.




What Teen Titans Go! should have been:




Excellent casting!


Happy with myself, as I seem to have at least called how the structure of BL is building correctly.



just watched this week’s ep of Arrow- They had a fight between Prometheus and Vigilante and Adrian Chase was one of the combatants but not the one we all thought he was


What a delight to see a fight that was not regular-cast-vs-bad-guys. Really pointed out that seeing events - as a viewer - happening elsewhere quite embiggens the whole schmiel!